• No, because I already live my life in such a way.
  • Naw, cuz Im already living and doing exactly what I want to do, Im happy...satisfied, joyful...and Im at peace between me and everything else out there, with an understanding...What im doing right now works for my life, in family life, with friends, in society...personal life, with my children...everything is perfect as it is. It would have no effect my life here on earth. Cuz i am now where I wanna be.
  • I would do nothign differently as I already beleive that.
  • Probably I don't take enough chances in my life, but I'm working on it.
  • Research is meaningless without fact. And an afterlife is based on faith. There's no comparison. That's like comparing apples to a carburetor.
  • The heavenly afterlife belief common to many people is absolutely ridiculous. It was a fantasy made up so people could accept death.
  • It's not possible for such "research" to exist, primarily because there is a body of work out there that says there probably is an Afterlife.
  • not really since i wont be living after anyways

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