• My partner, it's always his fault for not making me happy and taking care of my needs, which are many today.
  • I always think back to the begining when things were great, our first date all the memories then i get sad/mad and start the blame game
  • I try to think about what i have learned from the expirence. Good or bad we learned something about ourselves...what we will take, what we want, what we DONT want. i feel after a break up we cant play the blame game...because we are people we are not going to be perfect. even in the worst break ups the ones we invested our whole beings in, something good came out of it. maybe children, or a new found respect. there is always a sunny side...just sit there and think about it something good will come.
  • My partner!
  • not much you can do when she is a nympho. nobodys fault:)
  • I don't blame anyone.
  • I don't blame either cause a relationship should be 50/50
  • I think it is both people fault...just not meant to be together i think.
  • I've learned that there's no use in blaming either. If your partner breaks up with you, try as best as you can to respect his or her decision. He or she obviously thought it was for the best for some reason or other, so just leave it at that.
  • I'd blame myself or the bitch that stole him off me!
  • I blame my ex-husband because he was an idiot. Then again, I blame myself for marrying the idiot. LOL. I should have know better.
  • It would depend wholley on the relationship and how we each acted within the relationship. If I saw the blame as being mine I'd accept that with no problems. I don't consider myself perfect by any means or above anyone else by default.
  • I really think it depends on the reason for the breakup. This last brief relationship was maybe 30% my fault 70% his fault. If I'm at fault, I'll take responsibility, honestly not always to him (in the heat of the moment) but to myself. But hey, no ones perfect. In my past relationships, where I had much more inversted, I think I was so upset about the breakup that for a while I didn't even think about fault. I just missed him so much that even though there was anger the lonliness outweighed that for a bit.
  • I have been in two serious relationships (one about 22 years, the other about 3 years). Initially, I was just shocked and didn't think who was at fault. After a while, I thought about it and in my opinion we were both at fault for different reasons.
  • i dont think it really matters who is to blame for any break up as long as it is right .. you kinda know when you dont love or want to be with them anymore... everything they do just seems to annoys/disgusts you and you dread seeing them.. so if it feels right not being with them anymore who cares whos fault it is.. unless of course you still want to be with them .. and i would say to that who cares again make it up before its too late!!
  • My first thought - Whew, I'm glad that's over My second thought - Well, it's his/her fault; should have tried harder to keep me happy.
  • the partner is always to blame
  • Its not really blame, but more like, "did we do the right thing?"
  • I blame myself and will always blame myself.
  • well, it is a lot easier if you try to see it from both angles. Your side and your partner's, look at the loophole in the relationship and see the aspect you did not do well and also his own poor sides and learn from them. It will help you to make a better decision in future.Don't dwell so much on whose fault it was if you want to heal fast and move on with your life.
  • In my case it was my partner's fault but I do not like to put blame into it. I was hurt but he F'ed up not me. I just wish I would have done somethings different and handled myself with more self worth and self respect once I found out he was a cheater.
  • The first thing I think of, is what am I getting rid of, and what am I going to miss. Then I need to fill this void until I am strong enough to date again. So I stay busy. I don't reall blame anyone, I feel that there was something to learn from the relationship, whatever that was. And no one really wants to fail at anything anyway, if all the answers were clear and people came with instructions we would not be here with these questions.
  • i blamed myself and temporarilly swore off relationships
  • the failure was overwhelmingly hers, but I still looked at every possible thing I could have done better. because of that my next wife will be a very lucky girl... had my first wife been a good wife I may have been lazy and unappreciative.
  • most men just go out and get drunk and pick up a women who will put out~~and they forget the whole thing in a short time~~women have to make a big federal case of everything most men just say~~*WHAT IS DONE IS DONE* LET US MOVE ON

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