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  • She already is. I don't know what to say. Stop answering her endless calls, don't reply to the notes she pastes on your door constantly, don't answer her emails, just go on with life as if everything is terrific.
  • Well, you see, the thing is, I don't want to make either of them jealous or crazy about me. The past is the past and it should stay there. I am happy with who I'm with now. As far as I can tell, my second boyfriend is happy with who he is with and my first boyfriend is on his way to becoming pretty successful. I'm happy for both of them. I don't advise purposely trying to make your ex jealous or crazy about you. Leave your ex alone.
  • how would i? i wouldnt. ive tried that card and guys sometimes dont act as if you'd want them to. when i tried making my ex jealous...he completely stopped talking to me and chances at a friendship are hindered. turns out he liked me the whole time, so keep the "wild card" of jealous-making at can backfire.

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