• My mother made me scrub the baseboards when I told her I was bored. While you are scrubbing baseboards your mind will think of a million other things you would rather do.
  • take a nap
  • Would you mind helping me clean out the garage? I would really appreciate it!
  • Lots of free games to play there.
  • I have to go clean someone's house soon today. You could go help me. That will keep you busy & not bored.
  • Hire one of those lap dancers, who do house calls, to pay you a visit.
  • Help me get famous :)
  • That is a dangerous question that usually ends in being assigned to clean attics and basements, scrub baseboards, oil woodwork, scrub floors, mow grass, wash cars, weed gardens, etc. My mother always said that people who are bored are usually boring. Develop some interests, preferably something that will serve your fellow man as well as yourself. Learn to play an instrument, learn to paint, learn to build houses and travel the world with Habitat for Humanity or the Red Cross. Study something important. Interview your elders about the Ireland that is rapidly disappearing and record their stories. I see you live in Dublin. My husband's family once farmed half of present day Dublin. Who remembers what Dublin was like 50 or 70 years ago that you could talk to? Who remembers old ways of doing things that you could record? There are so many things to do. Get out there and find your passion.

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