• To debate with you, convert you and downrate you, LOL..
  • They just want to prove that they are the know all and don't care for others opinion.Normally those who DR you are diehard fanatics and care two hoots.I really have no idea why they want to be here and be a nuisance to those who can add to the knowledge.
  • Because many are not here to ask honest questions, they're here to proselytize. J.I.G.?
  • To demonstrate just how far from Christ's teachings they've strayed.
  • Because this is a game site, dummy. they care about the points.
  • That does not just apply to religion questions - it occurs in many areas of questions. Some people just ask questions, others spend time carefully constructing answers only to have them either ignored, or given a dismissive +6 comment.
  • I've noticed that too. I started to let those questions go more now.
  • Many of the questions here on AB are silly. I think there are many questions people don't really care about, but rather come up with them in order to get points. I think many of us just want to see how quickly we can fill up that little sack lol.
  • Hey if that's the case can I have some points too. I thought I was here to contribute to the overall knowledge base. I like the points, but I care more about the connection. I also wish people would not ask mundane questions, a little thought goes a long way.
  • Most religion questions here seem to serve 1 of 2 purposes to validate their own personal beliefs at the expense of others, well actually it was one purpose, and I said most... not all. It's a philosphy people thats all. Subscribing to the beliefs of a diety is no different then accepting the consequences of the legal system. Ahhh what you live in an anarchist country?....really?... which one is that again?.... oh right.
  • Some ask religious questions (believers and non-believers) for the sole purpose of getting into a debate with the other side. At the same time, many questions start off as legitimate questions and degrade into arguments. Sometimes a person asking a legit question ends up attacking that religion after being attacked by a person of that religion simply for asking a question. I have asked a lot of religious questions simply for the purpose of creating better understanding. Not one of my questions had a mocking tone or asked anything unreasonable, yet , it is almost guaranteed I will be attacked for simply asking. I usually respond with a thank you regardless of the answer unless someone decides to be an ass about to the question. To be fair, I also get attacked by non-believers on religious questions because some cannot resist that opportunity to scream how stupid they think religion is.

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