• I would not own slaves, regardless of how convenient or popular it was. Slavery is wrong, plain and simple.
  • I'd like to think I wouldn't, but society does dictate behavior so I don't know if I would or not in that type of environment. If I did have a male slave though, I guarantee he'd like having me for a master. ;)
  • I just want to point out: Independant from all what we might tink and feel today about tis topic and as much as we would think it is wrong or obscene, we have to accept that so many things today are extremely obscene and wring and we all try to deal with it. We see qzuite clearly that the world's economy can not go on this like because it makes the poor noting but poorer and the rich it makes richer. And anyway we accept human exploitation and a majority in western countries has great profit by buying cheap products which are often produced by slave labour. Very few people in the western sleep bad for that reason but they enjoy without any bad feeling the cheap products based on slave labour. We are watching wars almost like spectators and most people are used to it and deal with it. If people in all western countries would feel so much hurt in their feelings, they would stand up in masses against Guantanomo, the results of war against women and children and they would stop buying products which are produced by slaves. Some minorities do but they are not important. And so I am rather sure, that a minority would be extremely against slavery and a majority would accept and deal with it. And all those who would profit yb slavery by having a comfortable luxury life would find easily thousands of good or bad reasons for justifying slavery as a good and honourable social institution. And the worst thing is, that these developments do not come over night. They come in very little steps. Little step by little step they always go a little bit more forward to their goal and day after day people get more used to it. Societies just work this like. And if you have such an institution like slavery the ladies would of course defend their position by all means as nobody likes to give up privileges. Abolishing privileges is one of the most difficult things in a society. The French did it in 1789 just their way and had some years of terror and a dictatorship.

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