• LEAVE THEM ALONE COVER THEM BACK UP! The mom only comes back to feed them every now and then. LEAVE THEM ALONE. Go get a domesticated rabbit!
  • Make sure the mother is not around. The mother probably covered them in a hole to prevent someone from finding her young. If you decide to take them in, make sure you do not give the babies back to the mother because all she will do is eat them since they have the human scent on them. Go to your local pet store and get formula for them. Make sure they are warm and do not get cold. Ask an associate for help on feeding information. Make sure you put them all in a well ventilated area, for they are like us.. need oxygen! Get them a cage with animal mulch like a regular rabbit and take good care of them.
  • Leave them be. Cover them back up and let the mother care for them. She will be back and feed them just once a day. It is very difficult to hand feed young kits and usually they die if they are wild rabbits. If you want a rabbit, then get a domestic one that is 8 weeks old and doesn't need to be hand fed by syringe and knows how to care for itself.
  • Leave them alone.
  • i would keep them, that sounds really cute

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