• Billie Jean and Black or White were the only 2 I liked :)
  • I loved his old music. Thriller ROCKS!
  • Ben,, and Thriller just cause of all he did in it open doors to so many different Jonras ;)
  • dirty diana, they don't care about us, can you feel it from jackson 5,and many more
  • Ben, The Earth song are my two favorites i wasn't a big fan but he was a great artist
  • I didn't like most of his post-Jackson 5 music. I did like Smooth Criminal.
  • His video of Smooth Criminal is one of the top 5 best of all time......period........RIP Mike :( :( :(
  • Once upon a time, when he was a cute little kid, I loved his music. But I've worked with sex offenders, and whether or not he got convicted, given the training I had I believe he did it. Ever since then he has really creeped me out and I can't listen to any of it.
  • I have so many favorites that it's hard to choose. His '80's stuff was great. I still hear "Rock With You" played on the soft rock station almost every day. And of course "Billie Jean" is a classic. But one of my favorites is the consciousness-raising "What About Us". Even though his career had begun to decline by the time he released that song, you could tell that he still had the talent. It brougth tears to my eyes.
  • Michael Jackson was such a great performer, I actually enjoyed his dance moves more than his music. I think you are located in Indiana? I thought of you tonight as all the Chicago stations were showing throngs of fans showing up at the Jackson childhood home in Gary. Even though the Jacksons moved from there almost three decades ago, his local fans relate to him, probably as a hometown boy who made a huge success of his life.
  • I have a few pieces of him I like very much, like: We are the world, we are the children.... I love softer I love softer dances than he created. Dance is an expression of emotions rather than perfection. I am sorry for all his fans that he cannot perform anymore, that his 150 sold-out concerts are not..........
  • I like the video with the werewolves and zombies, but actually I've never really listened to any of his songs.
  • No matter his problems? Too bad we don't say that about the wrestler who killed his family. Everyone will always remember him as a killer, but not remember MJ as a child molester? Him being a good musician just flew out the window.
  • So many!!! Of course 'Thriller', no list would be complete without that. Also 'What About Us' and 'Black or White' are my top three favourites. Whatever one's thoughts about Jackson, or his music, nobody can doubt the immesne contribution he has made to music.
  • I always liked his music (Billie Jean, Dirty Diana, Ben, etc.), and thought he may have been one of the best male dancers ever. I really hated when he started changing his face, and all the criminal accusations against him made me pause and wonder (hoping they weren't true).
  • I love his music. He is a true legend. Love Billie Jean, Heal the world, rock my world, Beat it. There is very few songs of his that I don't like. May he rest in peace.
  • Never liked him or his music...but I am sorry he died.
  • Very true statement ! I absolutely love Michael Jackson's music . Billie Jean, Thriller, You Are Not Alone, PYT, Beat It . Hard to believe he's gone .
  • No, his music was total commercial crap. He's one of the finest examples of someone being marketed into popularity - and then losing that popularity dramatically. The only sad thing about him dying is that we won't get to see what his face was going to morph into next.
  • i liked alot of his old music.
  • Earth song, smooth criminal, Billie Jean, Black or white and of course Thriller! I love his music and no matter what the media says about him he will always be the King of Pop. His legacy is in his music. RIP xxx

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