• I would look in the mirror and remind myself that the grass always APPEARS greener on the other side. If I were in a relationship, a third party would NEVER be a part of my decision to stay or go. There will ALWAYS be somebody that you may THINK is better than the person you have. But in the long run, they wont be, because the thrill will still wear off.
  • Well, its a little late for that now. your better half is just that......your better half. If your wife loves and respects you, then stay with her. Being married is being dedicated to each other. no matter what. Sure, the water may be clearer somewhere else, but beating the storm together is what makes you and your soulmate........soulmates. Keep what you have and be thankful you have her. You can look, but you cannot touch.
  • what ever happened to marriage vows? What ever happen to people being serious when they said for better or for worse, to love and honor and cherish? what ever happened to all that? why does it mean squat now-a-days?
  • I would only marry someone that I loved enough to last a whole lifetime. If I met someone else who might be better, too bad. I have vowed, made a permanent contract to stay with my husband and nothing will break that. I would work twice as hard to make sure that I am loyal and happy with my spouse. I really doubt I would ever let myself get into a situation where I would find myself thinking someone was better than my husband. It's better to nip it in the bud early.
  • Being satisfied with my marriage, I doubt the thought of being happier with someone else would even pop into my head. I married that person for a reason, and with every intention spending the rest of our lives together, so how could I even think like that? I took those vows for a reason, and I will always stand by them.
  • You'd be rolling the dice. At least if you stay with your current wife, you're guaranteed to live at least a mediocre life until you die. Or, think of this way: it could be worse.
  • I wouldn't leave my wife.
  • I would order lunch and evaluate her table manners............
  • If you meet someone else and felt that they would make you much, much happier in the long run, you are delusional and not that happy in your marriage. First, if you are truly happy in your marriage, you aren't looking around. When you are truly in love and happy with someone, you aren't seeking someone else out, even mentally. Second, you convince yourself of this but REALLY, how well do you know this person? If you haven't lived with them, and spent all kinds of time, all you are doing is falling for the impression that they are giving you. You THINK that the person is a certain way, but you won't really know unless you are actually in the relationship with them. I would stick with what I know, but obviously try to fix what is wrong that has me checking out potential replacements!!!
  • If I didn't love my s/o I would leave based on my not loving them anymore. You have no idea if this other will make you happier. It's very easy to love someone until you HAVE to stay with them forever. Try and remember why you married to begin with. and if you still feel the same, yes leave! It's unfair that the s/o isn't the love of your heart.. so if your staying because you made a promise, something had to change.. if you don't feel the same. I am sure the s/o doesn't want to be in a marriage where they aren't really loved, so for their sake leave..
  • There's only one way to really know. Sit down and talk to your wife and tell her what would make you much, much happier. See if is willing to make the necessary changes, fine. If not, separate from her and date the other lady and find out if you will truly be "much, much happier." That's the only way to find out whether the grass is, in fact, greener on the other side.
  • put that notion out of my mind forever.
  • To violate my solemn marriage vows would leave me without honor. And a man is NOTHING without his honor. Marriage isn't always about "happiness". It's about the WHOLE SPECTRUM of life with your spouse: the good AND the bad, the happy times AND the miserable times, and so much more.
  • ...they might make you happier...AT THAT MOMENT, but really?..........probably not. Besides, what kinda marriage is that? "Grass is always greener on the other side"..........but you get over there and you look at it...and say, "damn, but it sure has alotta ants"
  • I'd remember that the grass is greener where you water it, and get out the hose.
  • I would not put myself in a position where I could meet a woman that might make me happier. Because, for better or worst, I am totally devoted to my wife and she is to me.

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