• I'm going hiking and camping for most of the summer! I didn't get to see your answer, so i'll wait.
  • I have my 14 yo daughter coming to spend the summer with me. I am planning all sorts of things to do with. I have been saving money all year long so I can take her to Six Flags in MA. She doesn't know this so it's a surprise. I will tell her the day before we go.
  • Plan to purchase a rifle and go hunting and target shooting all summer long.
  • We're taking our granddaughter and her friend to Rohoboth Beach in Delaware. Oh God, I hope it doesn't rain!!!!!!!!!!!
  • What I do every summer of every year: work like a dog
  • Bourbon fizz. I plan to do lots of them.
  • Hopefully travel and have fun before school comes.
  • My best friend and I are trying to decide where to take our annual summer vacation this year.
  • My wife and I will be planting the last four hundred grape plants in our vinyard!!! Grand total, just over sixteen hundred plants! And then its ALL DONE! Except the pruning, training, watering, weeding, oh s**t, we'll never go on vacation :( :(
  • That sounds nice kittenlady =) I am going (tomorrow!) to move to south-west England for the summer with my boyfriend. Staying in an apartment just off the beach. I plan to do lots of walking, beach days, camping, learn to surf - and study! The main reason I am going is so that I have some peace and quiet to study in between the fun. Depending on the cash flow I may try to grab some last minute flights to vegas or LA for a week to visit friends from uni.
  • I planning to take a holiday away from home and OUT of the country.It gets very boring and I need a cultural change,for here there is little culture.Where I would like to go for a month I do not know.
  • I really want to go to Myrtle beach, and in July, i'm planning on going to Cedar Point with my boyfriend. Lots of bonfires this summer. And lots of fun :] +
  • Working, school, exercising, and hopefully vacationing if I can afford the time.
  • i know that my mom is a liar she never saved money for the trip to six flags or anywhere else....and btw kittenlady is my mom.....she a dirty lair she gets my hopes up then tears me down to shreads....i hate when she does that!!!!!!!!

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