• Grandmother (mom side)- Took me to watch trains go by when I was young because I love trains. Grandfather (mom side)- One of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever known. Sings country and army songs he remembers from the 40's despite his alzheimers. Grandmother (dad's side)- Always encouraged me to take up new hobbies which served as a catalyst for my eclectic hobbies and skills. Grandfather (dad's side)- Highly educated man who propagated my curiosity and bibliophilia from a young age. Congratulations, Mrs. Cleaver!
  • I didn't know my maternal grandparents well because we lived in Illinois and they lived in Florida. My paternal grandfather had been in a mining accident in Utah and was semi-invalid because of that. One of my favorite things to do when we visit , was to play pinochle with him (we being my brother and father). Mentally he was quite alert, and boy could he play pinochle! My paternal grandmother played the piano and was a real sweet person. She was educated, had been the Dean of a college in Wisconsin and a LPN at the Chicago Lying in Hospital (now U of Chicago). She was very supportive of us her grandsons running all over her house and let us watch the Three Stooges on her TV when we came to visit.
  • Congrats Mrs. C, but I don't have a story. Two of mine were dead before I was born, the third died just before my first birthday and my mother had a falling out with her mother. But again, congrats to you and your family. Hope you have great fun with your new granchild.
  • That's great news June. Congratulations! I'm sure that you will be a special & great Grandmother just from what I know of you here. My Grandfather on my Dad's side died when I was a baby and his wife died soon after but I do have memories of her. She was wonderful and played with me all the time. My favorite toy from her was a small boat I played with in the tub that you put baking soda in to make it move! My Mom's parents (passed now) were around for many years. They were great, spoiled all their Grandchildren, I was the oldest though and I used to stop by their home often. They had a huge home on 6 acres and my Grandmother used to swim with me and we would go for walks together in the woods behind her home. I would play horse shoes and shoot pool with my Grandfather. When they got older I would have them to my home regularly for dinner and they loved to play cards. I guess what I am saying is aside from the special love that was was always there they became close friends (which is the most special part in my opinion) & over time and as they got older I would call them almost every day to chat and stop by to visit regularly. I will never lose the fond memories I have of them and I do miss them so very much. Thanks for reminding me June & bringing those wonderful memories back. I know you will be the Best Grandma! Fondly, Jonathan
  • On his deathbed my grandfather (my mom's dad) told me the following..."you are a precious careful of your setting". I was 16 at the time and I was stunned that he saw me that way. I have never forgotten it. :)
  • WOOHOO!!!!!!! Congrats My Friend! You are so going to love it, I spoil my boyfriends granddaughter, I cant till my boys start having thier kids, oh wait what the hell am I saying, they can wait a few more years, LOL. No, I unfortunately do not have any stories.
  • Congratulations!!! Unfortunately both my grandfathers were dead by the time I was born and I saw very little of my grandmothers so never really knew them.
  • My best wishes for you,Mrs Cleaver I learned disciplined life from my maternal grandfather. I learned to have good diet from my paternal grandfather.He lived up to the age of 99 and he spent a couple of months on bed before death.
  • My grandmother was unfailingly kind and affectionate toward me. When I was with her, I was her full focus. She was forever hugging and snuggling and patting me. I spent summers with my grandparents while my mother was working on her Master's. That solved the sitter problem and gave her time to study without me underfoot. She loved to cook, and always had homemade sticky buns and Moravian Sugar cakes and what have you ready when I came. She knew what sorts of things I liked and made them from scratch. She spent the whole school year collecting directions to make things out of what we would now call recyclables and collected the recyclables too, and then we would make things out of them. One year we made an apartment building with a working elevator out of shoe boxes, berry boxes, string and construction paper. Then I came up with my own design for a space ship out of another shoebox with cardboard bunks and seats, and plastic wrap windows. She taught me to play board games that built my vocabulary and math skills, like Parcheesi, Scrabble, Boggle and Checkers and played games with me for hours. She used those games for an opportunity to teach me manners, fair play and sportsmanship. It was always clear that she had a stake in my development and future. She and Grandpa planned trips to museums, amusement parks, farms, orchards, mills, living history museums, factories, whatever was available. It started out being general, but as it became more apparent what I liked, they moved in that direction. Grandpa was in the Lions Club and Grandma was in the Lioness, so they used the contacts they had through those clubs to find interesting places to take me. One of Grandpa's friends had a bakery, so I got to tour a large, busy, successful bakery to see how all the machines worked. He had a fascination with water mills, and he passed that along to me. He often worked as a travelling salesman, and they would travel together, taking me along. I can remember one year he was working for a salvage company and we toured the state of Pennsylvania doing estimates on hauling away toxic chemicals. Waiting in the car while he did estimates wasn't fun, but he'd scheduled his appointments at a leisurely pace, so we stopped at every museum or roadside attraction we passed, and that was fun. They used another contact to get us tickets to a private club every July 4th that had an incredible barbeque and fireworks. It was up in the mountains and the fireworks boomed between the hills. They took me to concerts and plays in the park. They kept a bicycle for me to ride in the park. They made friends with neighborhood kids so I would have playmates when I came to stay. They always knew those kids and their parents well enough to be able to give me free run of the neighborhood and know I'd be safe. When they came to visit, the car was always packed with goodies. They'd grown up during the Depression, so those goodies often weren't expensive or elaborate, but they would have stopped on the way down to buy a bag of my favorite apples. They'd have picked up little things they knew I'd like. My grandmother would have sewn me a new outfit in my favorite color. There would always be little things that they knew would delight me.
  • My grandmother was so fun! lol She always was so sweet and nice to us, and we were always so happy around her. She used to take us hiking in the woods, but she called it "hunting for fairies and elves". lol So we're walking around in the woods imagining that we're hot on their trail. Fun. Also, she would play the piano at Christmas and other times, playing songs that we could sing along to. She always took me out at least once per visit to get whatever food I liked (always wanted McDonald's BLT!), she always stocked food that I liked in her fridge and cupboard. She took us to Six Flags once per year, and also Burger's Lake once or more per year (it's a giant man-made pond-lake-swimming-pool-thing). She always had sugarfree gum in her purse for us. When I was really little, she would let me dress her up in her jewelry and put makeup on her. lol! I wish we had pictures! She always kept everything so nice and clean and pretty and comfy in her house. She would cook nice dinners for us all so we could have a family dinner together. She always made us feel like we were important to her instead of just in the way like most adults. She always listened to us and was respectful. She always made sure we knew how much she loved us. My grandfather died when I was about 12. I loved him when he was alive, but I think I love him more as I grow up because I'm so much like him. A lovable grump, a perfectionist, a salesperson, a politics junkie, and sort of keep to myself. He was smart and funny... I wish he would have lived longer. My two favorite memories of him were: (1) Whenever everything in the world seemed to be going wrong and he'd start to get frustrated, he would say "It's almost perfect!" which would make him or whoever else laugh. and (2) Starting when I was REALLY little (too young to know anything about politics), whenever we went to the grocery store together he would always point at the gum on the ground and say "Do you know who put that there? Democrats!" Obviously he was a Republican. lol When he died, my grandmother asked everyone to share their memories of him and she said mine was her favorite because it was just so... him. =D
  • Congratulations. I have 17 grandchildren. It is a wonderful experience every time. I lived with my grandparents for a while when I was little. I can still remember them giving me a bath in the kitchen sinke (it was a large one) and I can remember the feeling of the bar of soap (it was a brown/yellow color and had a strange smell) on the backs of my hands. Even to this day, when I wash my hands with a bar of soap and it runs across the back of my hands I flash back on that with a sense of pleasure.
  • I have only just found out about my great Grandfather. I live in Perth Western Australia. Most of our (the people here)ancestors were convicts,sent from England. There is a very old cemetry in East Perth with headstones saying this person was speared by blacks etc. My great grandfathers grave is one of the few left and to my amazement I found he was Commissioner of Police back in those days. I hope none of my criminal friends read this,I could be kicked out of the club.
  • My late grandma on my dads side was the most loving caring unselfish genuine lady you could meet and was the best grandma ever she couldnt afford much but her love meant so much more than any present that could be given i have so many nice memories of her sadly she died nearly 8 years ago and i still think of her most days she truly was the best.
  • Funny you should ask. I was just driving home from work this morning thinking about my grandmother and how much I missed her. I was just driving and singing away in the car some songs that she loved to chase the blues away - there are so many stories that it would take to long to answer. The main thing is that I never ever remember spending any time with her that she did not lift my spirits. Aren't memories wonderful..!!
  • My grandma is my go to gal ;) Shes always there when I need her She always make me smile . You will be a FAB grandma! congratz
  • I did not know the grandfathers from either side... My mother had me during her junior year of high school at the ripened age of 17... My grandmother did not give her an option, she was to get back up and go back to school and finish... While my mother continued to struggle with school (she ended up dropping out half-way through her senior year) my grandmother took care of me... As my mom went through a plethora of boyfriends after that, I continued to live at my grandmother's house... My mom eventually married and settled down a couple of years later and my grandmother let them move into her house and she moved out... When Step-dad number 1 became abusive (verbally, physically and sxually) my grandmother and her boyfriend were the ones who got to the house before the police and kicked him out... Here I am now, With step-dad number 5... And I look back and see that while my mother had her ups and downs, and multiple "father-figures" came in and out, my grandmother was, and is, always there... A stable person I know I can always turn to for help and comfort... I have not had the chance to meet my real father's mother though... P.S. Congrats on the granddaughter... I believe you will be awesome...

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