• I didn't quite understand your question but I think it was "how to be a romantic guy to your gf". I would recommend taking a walk and showing her the stars or taking her out to a nice restaurant for dinner. It never hurts to also tell a girl how pretty her eyes are.
  • O.o ?!
  • ("me" was a typo for "be" right? I'm going to answer on that assumption -- please correct me if I am wrong.) There is only one way: pay attention to your girlfriend. No girl will appreciate a grand romantic gesture if it doesn't appeal to her, personally, or have any meaning for you either. You have to pay attention to her and you have to do things that come naturally to you: what do you think SHE would find romantic that you would do? If it's a new girlfriend and you don't know yet what her tastes are like, then try some of the classics and watch her reaction to see if they impact her at all. Some classics are: bring her flowers ... sorry, I thought I had more ideas than that! But hopefully you get what I mean.
  • Flowers, dinner, movie. If she likes hiking, biking or swimming. Do something that you both enjoy. Just relax and flirt. A good conversation is always romantic. Make sure you tell her she is pretty, nice hair, nice clothes, etc.
  • Girls do like to be told how beautiful they are. Dedicate a song to her, or write one yourself. Poetry always does that to me, and it may work for her too.
  • My girlfriend and I have been going out for about 3 days now, but I have known her for most of my life, and liked/loved her for most of that time too! In the lead up to us going out, here's some of the stuff we did for each other: - One day when she was ill and it was raining, I went out and did some shopping, and came back with an elaborate picnic. We sat under her dinner table and ate it. Her favourite food is prawns (and mashed potato, but that was a bit hard to have with a picnic), so I took her a whole box of them. - When I was stressed out during exams, she came round with chocolate, strawberries, and marshmallows, and we melted the chocolate, and spent the whole afternoon dipping fruit and marshmallows in it. I was stuffed, and more relaxed! - For a week when I'd broken up from school but she was still there, I'd go round to her house when she was out, and leave a red and a white rose on her doorstep. Cheesey, but hey!
  • If you've been in a relationship for 4 years, I think she's looking for more. Besides the things that Veta said, which are all great advice, is this person interested in getting married, having kids? I would assume she's looking for a higher level of commitment from you.
  • find my weak point and attract on it
  • Just say "Yes".

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