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  • I bothering too much.
  • Some question! that they always get mad and feel that you have lost Interest In them when you don't call them or see them that often.The best thing that you could do If your busy Is...text them a message so they can feel special and that your still Interested In her and she will love you even more and that will make her feel that you are thinking of her!!!
  • they get dizzy when they see all those lines.
  • The problem with women is that they rule with their hearts,
  • AND >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!
  • WARNING this will probably offend a woman... They expect men to be mind readers and play very petty, immature games when they think they are right. JUST TELL THEM WHAT'S WRONG! Why can't woman except that they think and feel different then we do? We can't expect them to be on the same way length as us all the time. It's proven that they over look things and have seletive hearing, but it's not because they don't love us it's because they are male, and their ideas of importaint are not ours. So do us all a favor and start communicating like a normal human being when their is something wrong. I hate how men have this expectation of that you can't ask a woman what wrong because YOU should already know and if you ask her it's just going to piss her off more... Oh wow... that sounded bitcher than I indended... Oh and while I'm at it... Woman who us PMS as an excuse to be a total, uncalled for bitch. Yes, as a woman I know how hard pms can be. But really... there is a limit and when you milk it... Ok i need to stop... lol AND THAT'S my problem with women X3
  • I really don't have a problem with most women.
  • THEY SUCK!, THEY TALK TOO MUCH, and THEY'RE ANNOYING. but some of them are unresistable to have sex with
  • they feel they are a better version of a man and forgeting they were gotten from our ribs.we should compliment ourselves and not look to be treated like a mini god.
  • they put up with sh*t head males for much longer than they ever should feel need, yet without this waste of their wonderful time, more men would be lonely. She is your rock!
  • they r a lil nozier than guyz... n they r very judjmental... :-!... peace!!!
  • that they dont act like men.
  • that we have the power to turn a man's head. They can't help looking at us. Tee, hee.
  • Zero...:)
  • thanks for your great answers...
  • a Lesbian, I may have a different perspective...lmao... When I first came out (to myself and everyone else) I thought WOMEN ARE SO WONDERFUL...I put them (other lesbians at least) up on a pedestal..."A woman won't do...blah, blah, blah...not like a man would!" OH YES THEY WILL! Because we are all just HUMAN and subject to the same stupid human tricks and mistakes that every single other human is capable of doing! Oh...did I get a wake up call! SURPRISE!! Women are a bit more complex, I think. You can't lead them about by their genitalia as easily as you can a man... They can get pissed off and over react faster than a speeding bullit... We can be emotionally all over the place depending upon the rise and fall of the hormonal tide.... So...I've pretty much come to the general conclusion that it is not so much a matter of what genitalia you possess that is or is not the ultimate "problem." It is if you choose to use your power for good or evil that is the real issue. I'm still pretty full of joy to be a lesbian, especially since I do have a pretty wonderful partner in my life...but I would never assume that someone is a problem or not a problem based on their gender...any more than I would their income, education, looks, or preferences... We all get to choose how we're going to we want to treat ourselves...and everyone we run across in our lives...better to run across people, than to run OVER THEM....
  • SOME have much more human tendancy to want to control, manipulate, blame,be vindictive,jealous , and castrate their boys and men......especially more so in those of this generation...the Jezebels are rampant.but so are the Ahab's..:)
  • *some* allow men to mistreat them to the point that they themselves development undesirable characteristics that make them a target for criticisms like the ones mentioned here.

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