• Im just kind of getting used to scoring on here. At first, I didn't know how to do it. Then I did it and scored everyone. Then I got on a high horse and decided to only score them if I deemed them worthy. Then I thought sod it. If it's caught my attention I'll give it some points. Now I just give them out willy nilly.
  • I have tried to rate several of the questions I have answered. I attempt to click on it and nothing happens. Is this because I am a rather new member or could it be that i'm using dial up for my isp?
  • I usually rate the question before opening the question link.
  • If I think it is a good question, I will point it, before I even answer.
  • I point every question that I answer and then some that I don't answer but like the question.
  • I will only answer a question if I think it is good so I always give points to the asker first because they deserve it :)
  • I give pts to any question I answer, although I have forgotten before & had to hit it later.
  • I usually give it first. Every now and then i forget.
  • Yes when I answer..sometime I forget though and give them after..
  • sometimes I forget but give them at the backend
  • I ALWAYS give points regardless whether I'm reciprocated or not. In many instances I give points even before I answer the question(s). This being said, I've seen questions asked by some users which have been answered by 10 or 15 different members, and the question has received a decent amount of points, yet I noticed not one of those members who answered the question and even gave points, received not a single point from the asker. I see something wrong with that, so I don't get involved with those questions at all.
  • i give points to every good question that i answer ~ its a way of acknowledging that i appreciated their question. i enjoy uprating others and i do it often. my uprating is not predicated upon whether or not they uprate my answer later.
  • I give points to good questions and answers alike, whether I answer or not. I won't give points to someone who is a rude asshole, but I don't downrate either. Lately I've noticed that there are a lot of people who want to get points but don't want to give any. I don't understand this greedy practice, you can't save the points for yourself and you can't cash them in for a free trip to Disneyland so why not give points away ?!?
  • I give points when I answer! Not like you can ever tell for certain that the asker gave you any points at all!
  • I always give points to questions I can answer and people who answer my questions whether I like their answer or not.
  • I always give pts to the question when I answer. Unless of course they won't let me. Sometimes I answer one person's questions so much I can't give anymore
  • I try to remember to give points either just before or just after answering the question. Waiting until the questioner gives me points seems kind of silly.
  • I usually give points when I click on it, but sometimes I forget. I don't understand the points system, is it anyone deserves a point and only spam deserves to be marked down? Because I get marked down a lot for answers I give, and I thought that was only meant for those who spam or troll. hmmps
  • yepp when i answer i give points to the asker

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