• What the heck?No.
  • Not really. The one who gay would want to be with someone else whose also gay,not their spouse whose straight.
  • It would depend on how that impacted the marriage. In the bad old days a lot of gays married women and even fathered children now and again. . Children are a VERY GOOD REASON to try harder to make a relationship work.
  • Probably not, but hopefully they can stay friends.
  • Not Unless Both Of Them Are.
  • get out and get over is my advice
  • No, the partner is saying he or she prefers the intimate company of the same gender. Unless you are prepared to be regarded as number 2 person in his or her life and prepared to let your spouse sleep around then get rid and move on.
  • My general inclination is "no." But everybody has their own set of circumstances, and the only ones I can think of would have to be pretty out there in terms of probability. (Pulling an answer out of thin air -- if the couple has a child that just got diagnosed with cancer or something, I could see putting their child first for the duration of the crisis, for example.) But probably won't work. I do know a few couples in their 60's and 70's where the husband is gay, the wife is straight, and she's fine with it. But they got married at a time when that was what was expected of them. I think the world is different now.
  • "Love"..when there is love, nothing can affect it at all. Marriage comes and goes, love stays forever. hugs, maramel
  • No, I don't think so. At best it would be a friendship with stifling circumstances.
  • absoutly if u have kids.....devorces can devastate kids not all but most
  • I'd say it's salvageable if one is bi-sexual, but faithful. But if one party is 100% homosexual and prefers the gender opposite to that of their spouse, then it is pretty much over.
  • In my personal opinion no It would mean your both living a lie and wouldnt be happy
  • Who would want to be married to a gay person?
  • No, there isn't any point in saving it.+4
  • What is the point of marriage if it's just because of sex and not being committed to one another? And by the way, I don't believe anybody is a hundred percent gay... I have even spoken to a gay person who said he thinks hes only gay because he didnt have a father. And it seems like most people who say they are gay once dated women... That shouldn't be possible if women are basically like men to gay people... Why would they persue the relationship if they didn't feel anything?
  • It is worth saving, but at whose expense? It has to work to work. In some situations it could work. In other situations separation is more healthful.
  • I guess this is going to sound a little weird... is the person Gay or Bi... male or female. I was married and I am bi... but I would never leave my man for another woman... (wouldn't leave him for a man either... but you get what I mean). I could never have a long term relationship with another female. If you want to talk comment and I'll be glad to give my insight =) I'd just need to know more about the situation
  • If you have kids, than saving the marriage is a priority. If there aren't any kids yet, then you need to have some serious discussions and maybe see a therapist to see if its possible to save it.
  • it the man or woman that is gay? that can be a huge deciding factor here.
  • LMFAO!! My oh my how the world has changed! Not my marriage so it is hard to say. I would have to say no. It would cause to much tension and stress. Not to mention there would be no kind of intimacy.
  • There are many people who marry for different reasons. I can't imagine living in a relationship with someone who wanted to be with other people sexually. However, and I know this is rare, people do marry for legal reasons - like property, or inheritance, or just companionship. I suspect those kind of people wouldn't be asking this question though, so I will assume that this is a marriage that is being made to pacify someone. In that case, I would say NO. If neither person in the marriage cared about sex, and neither person wanted to spend time with someone else, then - hey, whose to judge? It comes to mind that there are places where arranged marriages are still made. What about those situations? If you are married off to someone who turns out to be gay, then what? In some Muslim sects, women who leave their husbands are condemned to death. (In America, when this has occurred, they have been called "honor killings"). Yeah, arranged marriages are a whole other topic. But I am certain that there are instances where one of the partners is gay. My husbands uncle was asexual. He admitted as much when he was dying. Why he disclosed info so late in life is a mystery, but he was married to a woman, but spent time with a man who was quadra-plegic. The Uncle always said that he loved the man, but they never had sex. The wife (who is still alive) did not seem to care. - My husband has colloquial phrases he likes to use all the time and one comes to mind here: "There's an ass for every saddle." For every kind of relationship, there is surely someone who is happy in it.
  • No. Because then the marriage is based on a lie.
  • NOPE .. unless it is a Gay Marriage .... A person who is attracrted to the same sex is not going to change ... They can live the hetro lifestyle ; BUT there will always be those feelings AND temptations ...
  • Why did you get married in the first place? Is the person Bi-sexual, can you explain?

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