• Don't worry, this is normal for her to act that way. Our daughter is 20 months old now. She has been waking up almost every night, once or twice. Our pediatrician as well as both of our parents say that it is normal. Our friends with babies of the same age go through the same thing. Some children wake up because they get hungry. Others because they are thirsty. If our daughter wakes up crying early in the night, we usually change her diaper. If it is really warm in the room we give her some water. If she wakes up after 3 am we feed her milk from a bottle. She usually goes back to sleep after one of us carries her around for 5 or 10 minutes. There have been a few times when she woke and did not go back to sleep for 1 or 2 hours. I carried her around and rocked but it took me a long time before she fell asleep again. But those times were aberrations. Each child is individual and you should try different things to see what works for you. Good luck.
  • i have a 1yr old and a advice is to not fuss over them,when you put her/him to bed,dont make to much of a fuss...tuck them in give them a big smile and a kiss and walk out the room....if he/she grizles leave them...they will settle....if you go in every time they grizle they remember that and will continue doing so....unless they r crying uncontrolably then go in give a reasuring cuddle and say "time for bed"still with no fuss!!!....i dont belive in rocking them to sleep at this age...they have to learn to settle them selve's.....when you reasure them and comfort them when it's really needed they know mummy/daddy are still there!!! but every time they cry,and you rush in straight away it's a game for them "oh i cry here comes mummy/daddy"....let them cry for a little while...they tend to settle them selve's....good luck:) and both my children are great sleepers they actually want to go to bed at bed time :)
  • My kids loved soft music, try that!
  • shes probably hungry, just feed her and she'll go back to sleep
  • Just out of curiosity why are you asking us when the logical person to be getting advice from and who knows the answers is the pediatrician.

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