• I think so, especially if the couple is still young and may still want to have kids.
  • No, he should not have to, but it would be a nice thing to do.
  • YES ; as a Married Man ; the wife should be entitled to his decesion for this proceedure ....
  • G'day Dwight, Thanks for your question. Yes, he should. It should be discussed between them before the operation is done. Regards
  • Only if he wants to. It's his body.
  • Yes! Wouldn't you want to know if she had her tubes tied??
  • He doesn't have to. But, should he- we all know keeping secrets and having to tell lies is not a good way to keep a relationship going strong. If they are trying to have a baby and he decides he doesn't want one but instead of saying so he'll just have a vasectomy and let her think that he is still trying- that is just dirty! I was actually thinking about that last night, how there has to be a man stupid enough to have done that, and his poor wife is sitting there thinking she isn't capable of having children and all along he's really gone and had preventive surgery. Imagine!
  • Yes. In my opinion that can be a major deal breaker. Kids are often a hot button issue, and that really should have been a conversation to have BEFORE getting married to see if both people want kids or not. Besides, in a relationship where one party is thinking of doing something pretty major like that without telling his spouse, screams red flags to me. Just my two cents.
  • Aboslutely... They are married, his penis is hers now... she needs to be informed before he takes away her right to have more children.
  • yea, she could want kids or want more kids
  • I don't know.... should a wife inform her husband before she gets an abortion? What would be the difference. She might be hoping for children. I don't think it would be fair to do it sneakily behind her back. I would definitely tell her. Wait a minute... I've already had one...
  • tough question. Im gonna have to say yes (at least up til a certain age or number of children.) If they are 21, no kids, he could get snipped and never tell her. She could spend her whole life tryin to make a baby with a "partner" who is workin against her. I dont think he should need her permission, but proof of notification. if his family planning, intrudes on hers, then at least she can leave.
  • I'm pro-choice. So, no.
  • Yes. It is Surgery and no matter what doctors say, it has serious risks. Besides, I know if my hubby got snipped and didn't tell me, I'd start to wonder what Else he "didn't tell me." At which point he'd relearn to do his own laundry, clean is own toilet, and find his own stuff. Angry wife doesn't cook dinner, gggggrrrrr . . .
  • No. She might be abusive.
  • is that a trick question? :-)
  • Any decision like this should be at least discussed among both partners.
  • if the women has to tell him when having her tubes tied then yes.. My husband wouldn't sign allowing me to have my tubes tied.
  • Well, a man who does NOT "inform" his wife before hand is unilaterally making a serious decision which affects the entire family WITHOUT his wife. So, then answer is YES, HE SHOULD. (I'm taking the "have to" part out, for a reason.) People who make such decisions on their own in a family are carving rifts between themselves and their spouse. And that is contrary to the health and integrity of the family.
  • It would be NICE of him to inform his wife, but a law REQUIRING her to be informed, which would actually amount to requiring consent, is over the top. I informed my wife of my intent to be "vasectomized" when she was in the third trimester of her sixth pregnancy (two miscarriages), because I was tired of her sexually manipulating me for "one more". She got over it; so much so that she told her OBGYN about my intentions and he convinced her to have her tubes tied instead. I don't remember signing for the procedure, but I do remember watching. Honesty is the best policy here, and as an aside, our sexual relationship has gone from being merely biologically adequate to emotionally satisfying. But... In this day and age when a wife can terminate a pregnancy without informing or obtaining the consent of her husband, even suggesting that HE should owe her (by law)an explanation as to why he wants reproductive autonomy is just another example of a huge double-standard.
  • not legally, but you would think he would respect his wife enough to let her in on such an important decision.
  • I would advise it...considering one little tap and you have grapefruits!
  • Yes it should be a decision you make together because it affects you both.

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