• No, I don't.
  • but your bosom isnt foolish at all.
  • Not necessarily. However, explosive rants and rages are off-putting.
  • i think it depends on the situation since everyone is different
  • I'd like to dwell in Miss Moorcroft's bosom (my adorable and very sexy English teacher) .
  • Actually, you are taking Ecclesiastes 7:9 out of context. The verse is about controlling your temper. Anger is a natural human feeling. Sometimes anger can be good for you, (but only if it is addressed in a healthy way). Unhealthy anger without being able to solve issues rationally dwells in the bosom of fools. Why fools? By definition, the word fool means: "not prudent: lacking discretion, wisdom, or good judgment." I rest my case.
  • Proverbs 15:29 “The one who is slow to anger has great discernment,But the impatient one displays his foolishness”. Proverbs 14:17 “The one who is quick to anger acts foolishly”. Anger is a natural feeling, but we have to learn to control our reaction to whatever is the source of anger.Someone may become angry because an elderly driver is moving at a slower pace, wouldn’t it be foolish to react in such a manner that could cause harm to oneself and other drivers in the vicinity? A discerning person would not become enraged easily.

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