• I won't blame you.Even I'm travelling in the same boat.
  • I went thru those phases, but it will pass
  • Misplaced guilt wrongly directed. Sholuld find the source of the hurtful one and forgive them. Move on.
  • Not today
  • you have emo tenancies
  • You are reinforcing an perception of yourself, possibly for security.
  • Because if you are depressed the first thought that springs into your head will usually be a negative one. It often seems like logic until you examine it properly but even if you examine it and dig into things it can be bad for you because you can just trigger more negative thoughts. Your thoughts are at the service of your emotions. It will get better my friend. Remember to talk to people about it and if they do not understand then fuck them. Find someone to talk to face to face or attend a self help group if you can. When I will ill I sometimes did not think I would get better but now I am living proof. Get plenty of sleep, avoid stress, avoid drink unless you have a drink problem and then see a doctor to help you come off it. dont drink too much coffee. Have plenty of water and take a vitamin if you can (Vitamin B complex, vitamin B1 or a multivitamin). Drink lots of water. Remember that if you are in a crisis there are professional people there to help you should it become an emergency. There are plenty of self help websites you can search for too where you can register with and post in forums and some might have a chat facility. is one its for anxiety mainly but deals with depression too
  • You have low self esteem

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