• When cashiers and baggers carry on conversations about last night's party.
  • When they have stock blocking the isle and you cant get to what you need and no one is even around putting the stock up that could get it for you
  • When people decide to chit chat about the G.D. days events in the aisles!! WTF!!!???? M-O-V-E!!! They look at you like they own the entire aisle as they sit there side by side each other. At least go kiddy corner to one another so people can pass. OR BETTER YET, Go and call them from your house!!! +5
  • The cost.
  • Nobody around to help me.
  • Thinking of myself in this situation and I'd have to go with a couple. No one to help me as I wander aimlessly from one side of the store to the other not finding the item I need. I start to get antsy.
  • When they play music over the intercom, and a good song comes on, and they interrupt the song in the middle to play some stupid store ad. A lot of stores do that, and it's so annoying! And I'm sure they know it's annoying and that's why they do it, so you'll notice the &$%#@ ads...
  • The rudeness of the shop assistant will definitely put me off. I had that encounter last evening when I went shopping.
  • I would have to go with fill in the blank, that always bothers me...
  • Products that are advertised as being on sale out of stock. There should be some kind of law that there be a minimum of a product that's on sale. I usually forget about redeeming rain checks.
  • When parents lets their child scream and throw a fit in the store and ignores them. Take them outside calm them down then return.
  • the crowd
  • No one being around to help me. In the fabric section of our store, the sales people are supposed to measure the fabric out for you and attach a price (with some sort of a machine), but the people of that department are never around so each time I've gotten fabric I had to wait for about 30 minutes or repeatedly calling the manager and finally the manager giving up and coming over and doing it himself. I'd do it myself, but I dunno how to use the machine and I'd probably get in trouble.
  • No one around to help me. I will walk out of store because of that.
  • clingy salespeople. Give me some space, please.
  • Everything you mentioned bothers me, but especially when there is no one around to help when you need it. I don't shop for boredom or to pass the time - I really don't like shopping and only do it when necessary. So, when I find something I want to purchase and have a question or need help - I really need help! I can't tell you how many times I have walked out of stores in disgust because I can't find someone to help. Such a waste of time. (I'm not a patient shopper!) :-)
  • employees that have no clue where the merchandise is!!!
  • I have new one that has become a problem. I have been trying to try on skirts. It seems the new thing at alot of stores is to put the theft devices on the zipper. How can I try it on if I can't unzip it? I hate to shop anyway, here let's find a way to shopping an even worse experience.
  • The product advertised for the special sale is sold out. Seems not enough items were ordered.
  • When I think I learned the store map to make shopping faster I find out they move around the products, and I have to spend a lot more time on finding an item that usually took 2 minutes time before.
  • it has to be not having the product I makes the trip to the shop a complete waste of my time.oh and drunks hanging about bothering people "got 10p for the train mate" is very annoying if the person is really off his chops drunk.

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