• I think it is because people think they are gross.
  • i hate insects because they are little and i dont want them crawling on or near me and im a girl and i dont fear insects although i do know alot of females that do
  • It was probably that silly rhyme we hear as child,"sleep tight,don't let the bedbugs bite" I am sure many were up all night worried,and we did not know what a bedbug was.
  • I don't really hate Insects, the only thing I hate about them Is,that Insects can be pesky around a house when they aren't Invited!!
  • Most insects I try to keep out of my house - especially flies (annoying), mosquitos (I'll keep my blood inside me, thanks) and roaches (disease). Ants are annoying if they get near the sugar or stuff like that, so I'd try to keep them away too. Most other insects wouldn't particularly want to be in here anyway but wouldn't bother me.
  • They ruin what could otherwise be the perfectly good 6 months of somewhat warm weather we get in my state. I realize there is a reason they're here and all, but jiminey flies suck(well, they bite), mosquitoes suck, deer, horse and moose flies all hurt when they bite(they also love to chase you down a road, maybe laughing as they watch us flail our arms around trying to get them to leave us alone. And let's not forget the lovely deer ticks. Bees and the like I don't mind so much, as long as I don't stumble upon them accidently(I used to work landscaping..they called me the bee magnet. No one wanted to work next to me). As far as women are concerned, I don't know. Mother doesn't seem to be afraid of them. She's got thicker fur than I.
  • They can do incredible harm. Only in recent times have they been controllable through pesticides*. I believe our culture remembers the starvation and death. _______________________________________ *Which are of course evil and should be banned regardless of consequences.
  • I don't fear all of them, mainly just nasty beetles. But I don't like a lot of them. They bite, cause itching and buzz right in the ear. I can handle spiders, they are actually good arachnids and eat mosquitoes. I will never harm a spider. But I will run screaming from a big old black beetle.
  • I'm a woman and I don't fear them, LOL, I love them!! :0)
  • I personally love insects. I used to want to be an entomologist myself. And I know quite a few women who like them, but I think the root of people's fear and hatred of insects is related to evolution, in some way. Our ancestors living in the brush and in caves probably had more exposure to dangerous insects than we do today and developed a fear/loathing of them that we still have today... well alot of us at least.
  • Because they are immortal, they are FEAR given form, they are the force that divides our minds from the brutal tidal wave of insanity, satan cowers in the wake of of a butterfly's wings, God flees when a bee flies past his window. What is not to fear, MORTAL?
  • Not all women fear them and i dont hate them!
  • I only fear bugs that are in my house or trying to come in my house. It really depends on what kind of bug it is!
  • I don't hate or fear them. I'd rather repel them than kill them. But some are poisonous so I definitely respect that! Bugs are necessary. They are the scavengers of the earth and help turn garbage back into healthy dirt. And the second step up, the bug eaters (like spiders and praying mantis) keep the bugs from overrunning us. And a praying mantis WILL BITE YOU! And I suspect some women do that to make men feel strong and protective, our knights in shining armor so to speak.
  • Our culture, for better and for worse, is built on the foundation of hunter-gatherer culture. In this ancient culture, men went out hunting for food whilst the women stayed nearer to the home, gathering fruits and vegetables. Insects in the home meant the spoilage of food, which, in that sort of society, meant hunger. Hunger meant weakness and weakness meant death. In modern times, insects are typically more nuisance, although some of the blood-sucking ones can carry deadly diseases. Did you know that mosquitos are responsible for more deaths than lions, tigers, and bears combined? That's because they spread so many terminal diseases.

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