• Neither. They were directed against symbols of the power of the US: the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the White House; and the US citizens that happened to be working in those places that day.
  • Against government
  • Both. The targets were symbols of a western (Christian) (American) society that the terrorists felt were a threat to Islam.
  • It wasn't directed at anyone. 911 happened so that the ruling powers of this world can pass the patriot act and have momentum to go to war with Iraq. It's all in preparation for the take over of the NWO.
  • In light of general consensus, America as a whole. Even if it was a religious issue, Muslims consider all other religions, and including LACK of religious beliefs, as infedilery, (I no not a werd.) so I don't think it made much difference to them as to who was a Christian or not. Personally I'm not sure how much of a religious issue it really was though. There's what people say, but I really don't know how to interpret everything, so I don't know what to believe about it, and the events following it. :(
  • They consider anyone outside Islam as infidel, so weather American or British or Christian or Jew, they're all the same in their eyes.
  • Americans. If it was directed at Christians, obviously there would have been much easier targets, like a Church (or several) in a Middle Eastern country - not only would that guarantee that the victims would be near 100% Christian, AND the attackers could easily get away, they also wouldn't have to go through the trouble of planning how to attack the most extensively defended nation in the world. Why pick a fight with the biggest kid in school unless you specifically have it in for him?
  • Both, since most Americans are Christian.
  • Americans or what they would call "infidels."
  • Attacks against Humanity
  • Just against Bush.
  • Americans in general. Saddam Hussein and many terrorists believe America to be an evil nation, so that is the reason why they did WTC.
  • Christian for sure, the Abrahamics are always hating on each other
  • Against Bush and his plan of hitlorism.
  • If you can get those idiots together and ask them to explain why they did this, I promise you it will not be as impressive as all that.
  • Christians for their religious beliefs; Americans for their economic ones. They aren't at all mutually exclusive, eh? ;-)
  • America. I don't recall any churches being targeted.
  • Americans. This was a geological battle, not a religious one. We were attacked because they wanted freedom from US intervention area at the cost of their loved ones' lives.
  • The 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by "Christian Americans" against all Americans - Christians and not
  • Americans - their culture, actions and their lifestyle. It was no coincidence that they targeted a financial centre.
  • I would say the attacks were against all of western culture, which is looked upon by a certain limited segment of the Islamic religion as being the worst influence in the world. This segment detests our culture. It was/is fanaticism gone amok...again. And there are nutcases in every culture, political and religious. Such wars have gone on since the beginning of time...and religious wars have been among the worst. The attacks that day, hitting the heart of the U.S. and world financial center, the Pentagon with its superior war machine and the intended, but failed, hit on the White House itself, the home of the evil "infidels'", head of state, was to scare the crap out of the entire world. And for a brief time, it did just that. I think the U.S. response, together with that of its allies, did much to bring much of the fear back down to earth. We SHOULD have been devastated...but we weren't! I do believe the perpetrators hoped to get World War III well underway with their mind-blowing action that day. The jury, in my opinion, is still out as to whether WW III has, in fact, begun. In fact, this answer is, in toto, just my opinion. +5

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