• All my life I have heard that there was no one else better in battle than Alexander the Great. He was the most successful military commanders of the time and undefeated in battle. Therefore, I think it would be Alexander the Great.
  • Alexander was the first military commander to really use trickery, and off the wall tactics. Which is why he was so effective. Now compair that to Ceasar who also used trickey, had studdied all of Alexanders battles, and who's soldiers were far better trained, better equiped, and better disciplined. Ceasar by a mile. Mainly because of the phalanx.
  • I believe it would be Alexander the Great. His tactics were unmatchable, his courage was undefinable and his army was brave!
  • Good question! considering all, i will go against the popular vote and say Julius Caesar. reason: He invented the "scorched earth" tactic, so that is why he defeated Alexander. he found a weakness in the military plan that didn't involve military tactics, but in logistics. No military can survive with a bad logistics problem (Germany VS Russia)
  • Alex, the library guy would win.
  • zukov would beat everyone with only a dozen men

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