• Agree with you 100%
  • I do not think that is childish at all! I think you did the right thing! How would he have reacted if you had decided to move in with an ex?
  • I would have done the same thing in your shoes. They already had a relationship and things can reignite if they are living together... That's not so say men and women can't live together and not have a relationship, but since they already had a past relationship... Plenty of fish in the sea dear. If he knew you were apposed to him moving in with another woman and did it anyway he obviously did not care for how you felt. He might even have still had a thing for her. You deserve better.
  • What is he thinking? You don't move in with ex's... you had every right to leave him!
  • I would do the same thing because wat if he was dating his ex. or you should of told him to live with you instead.
  • YOU did the right thing by breaking up with him ... This bum wanted his cake and to eat it too, as they say .... Be glad you are out of that relationship ...
  • No you didnt I would have done the same, the guy has shown not respect and no doubt will treat his ex in the same manner again, because she is his ex so that initial relationship didnt go to well, did it? He is a jerk find someone who deserves you.
  • You did the right thing. He is an idiot to think that it would be OK for anyone. He's childish not you.
  • If y'all invested time together, had a serious relationship (committed) and loved each other.... I'd say you did exactly the right thing, and he's a duechebag for thinking it's okay to do that! BRAVO! Ridding the world of selfish assholes and cheaters one loser at a time!
  • A few questions: How long have you been dating? Would you be moving in with them? And if not, what were his reasons for moving in? Rent or something? The hard truth is that it may have been a little quick to just break-up with him immediately without really discussing it. There are some people that can be best friends with exes and not feel anything for them anymore, especially if they didn't date for a long period of time. I say you should talk to him, because he's probably very hurt right now that you lost trust in him so quickly. Talk to him, you guys probably have something very special and it'd be terrible to not try for something. Good luck!!!
  • I probably would've done the same thing. Even if they really are just friends and they're not sexually interested in each other, staying with him would've meant living in doubt, wondering if he would cheat on you.
  • Good going. He is childish and stupid.
  • Good choice :-)
  • he needs to understand where you were coming from. That was the right move, because it ultimatly showed him you were NOT ok with it, and if he truly did care he would have tried to fight to get you back and dropped it, but he called you 'childish', (yeah what a GOOD cover) which pointed out something else was in the cards. Your going to find someone 115 times better then him, who would ask to move in with YOU and would never even think about moving in with someone else. You dodged a bullet =) you go girl!!
  • Hell no, you weren't being childish. Almost the same thing happened to a friend of mine a couple of years ago, and when he moved in, the ex wasn't his ex anymore. Out of all the people in the world why would he choose her to live with? I hope you continue to be strong and not deal with him if he moves in with her.
  • Oh yeah, real childish because you didn't give an arrogant, thoughtless child his own way? Stand your ground.
  • I would have done exactly what you did....kick him aside. Can't have your cake and eat it too
  • u did the right thing he will be back up 2 u what to do then
  • You certainly did NOT overreact and how cruel and stupid of him to say so. You must be very hurt right now, but you did the right thing and you can do a lot better than that clown.
  • forget the ex...he's a tool. You didnt overreact. Hes trying to justify a scumbag move by saying your childish. That you dont get it. He's out of ideas honey. I wouldnt waste another minute on this tub of turd.
  • This is a tough one without knowing their relationship. I mean, some people do live with their bestfriends of opposite gender over someone they're dating, because living with someone you love can be demanding if you aren't to that level yet. If you are worried that there are still romantic feelings than those of friendship, but maybe, but my inkling is that you overreacted here.
  • You were spot on. You didn't say if you were living together, but I'd guess not. But it doesn't really matter. He's either a total idiot (if there's nothing between him and his ex) or a total jackass (if there is). They're both good reasons for making your escape
  • Hard!! Well you didnt overreact becacause it was his ex and of couse he would be very dum not to know that you would be upset about it. So you no your not childish!!
  • i dont think you overreacted, i wouldve dumped him too

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