• When they can pay for it themselves, they can have some choice. Of course, if they are still under your roof, you have veto power if you think it is indecent.
  • Power!!!! Funny word. I thiught I had it until my sons came home with jet black hair and their thumbnails painted Black. Goth. That was the 90's. Good luck and try to breathe.........
  • I let mine choose when they were in middle school. The hardest one was when my son was in High School, the whole football team shaved their head. It looked cool though.
  • My daughter is 12 and i wouldnt mind her picking a new style but i would not allow her to dye it.
  • My mum let me decide the length since I was in infant school... the dyed or permed options were not up for discussion. Not because I was too young to decide or have it done, but because of money. If I payed for it with birthday money I could have what I wanted. I think I will be the same with my child. Its only hair - and encouraging a bit of individuality is good =)
  • Given all liberties except dyeing:)+2
  • my son is just 7 years and tries to decide .... but I think at 10 he would grab his style if I don't allow him ......
  • As soon as he was able to say 'but I don't want my hair cut'. I tried to encourage him to dye it or braid it, but, sighs, he preferred a buzz cut. Wouldn't even let me get his ear pierced.
  • I think the time is when they ask you if you thought it would be okay for them to cut it a certain way. As for color, I'd try to hold off a while. I knew a lot of children of the '90s that had all kinds of strange looking haircuts and hair colors. I thought it was kind of artistic and how they expressed themselves. My daughter never colored her hair then and tells me she never will! She's almost always had her hair down to her butt and it's jett black. Picture that with skin as light as mine! They used to think she colored it that way and she was goth; LOL! Anyway, I know I ramble; but do what you're comfortable with.
  • About age 40?
  • The moment they are old enough to say "I want it like this." What, 6, 7? Who cares? It's hair. Tattoo parlors make you be 18 to get one; barbers do not. There's a reason for that. It's hair. It grows back. I frosted my tips in high school (ugh...the late and then one semester in college it was dyed blue, which I really should have done earlier because, frankly, it looked fantastic.
  • My daughter has been in charge of her hair for the most part since she was in 5th grade. She is even allowed to color and bleach it as long as she purchase the color herself. The way I see it, its just hair and it will grow back. My plan is that hopefully she will grow out of always wanting a new hairstyle sooner than later.
  • Maybe 14 for prem,15 for dyed or older.Just a cut about any age unless it`s too exterme.They will have to make alot of their own decisions when grown hair is something easy to start with.
  • Perming and dying should maybe wait until they are in their teens. But hair length should be up to the child right from the beginning, when they start to care about such things. Children are people too and should be allowed to express their own personality when ever possible. I can say for myself, that I would have been an extremely frustrated kid, had my parents dictated, how I had to wear my hair, or my cloths.
  • At 10 years old, although by getting my opinion since I'm paying. Kids have opinions on just about everything. And they feel like those opinions should be validated.

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