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  • During our 5 year relationship, my boyfriend has done nothing but support, love, respect and care for me. He still tells me every day how much he loves me. However I do not feel like I am in love with him anymore. I was so young when we met (21) and he was much older (39). Now I am 27 and have changed so much as a person, and along with it my needs have changed. I am desperate for some independence and in all honesty... I want to be with someone my own age. I know it's harsh and cruel and brutal and just horrible but it's how I feel (there is no other person I have in mind btw). How in the world do I tell him all this without completely shattering him? The thought of him hating me rips my heart out.
  • Tell him you want a break so you can explore a little, tell him its not over deffinatly just putting it on hold, chances are you might miss him, either way you gotta tell him or you'll just make it worse.
  • Been there, done that. You hardly mention yourself here, it's all "he he he." He has managed to manipulate you into thinking only about him, his pain, and not the pain of your young life ticking away. He robbed the cradle, and as nice as he's been, he stole your youth from you for his own self-interest. He molded you into what he wanted. He has no right to expect you to remain as naive as you were when you met. After all, he's old enough to be your parent, and a parent expects a child to change a lot. He must respect your desire to achieve the independence he has had but you have never experienced. Take a break from each other, and plan to meet again six weeks from now to see how each of you feels. Do not worry about him; even if you do break up he will quickly find a new 21 year old to dazzle to replace you. He needs a blank slate and you are no longer a blank slate, my dear. Get out and enjoy life.
  • You simply don't deserve him is all. You need a wife beater or otherwise dominant male figure to make you "feel something" as you've been reading too much 50 shades and womens magazines is all.

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