• We're both pretty busy and he's away on most weekends, but we manage to spend from 1 to 3 nights together.
  • For us it is diffcult because we spend long periods of time away from each other. However in the months where we are in the same place we mostly stay over 5 nights a week and save the other two for friends only nights.
  • A couple times a week.
  • Once or twice a week seems like a good start, if it gets to be more, I would consider the possibilty of living together.
  • One, She came, She stayed. 25 years later she's still here.
  • There are no real rules for "how many days til" or "how long so we can", it's what you both can deal with. How many nights do you want him over, how many can you deal with, and the same for him. You could be a couple who like each other so much that you want to sleepover everytime. Or you could be the type of couple who even though you love each other very much, that even after you're married and have kids you find it necessary to sleep in separate rooms.
  • May as well move in together as roommates and save money.
  • dependz on the coupl i gues... whn we startd off... it wuz jus so insane... but i did see many couplz bein stinjy... so it iz al hw they both want... nuthin iz a said rule... :D... peace!!!

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