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  • Yes. That way tax payer money isn't spent scraping them off the sidewalk.
  • I don't know if I would agree there should be clinics for that purpose but I definitely feel that if someone wants to end their life they should be able to do it and have some assistance in finding the least painful way of succeeding i.e. help from a doctor or nurse legally. I think having "clinics" specifically for that reason may dilute the importance of the action.
  • If somebody really wants to die, and they have a valid reason (meaning unless you have a terminal illness or chronic, debilitating pain) I see absolutely no reason not to allow a mentally stable, coherant adult human to decide it is time for them to die. My state passed something about that last year, actually.
  • they have one in Oregon its called death with dignity
  • Yes. They could have counselors there to offer alternatives but not try to talk you out of it. At the end of the day, though, you should have the right to terminated YOUR OWN life if you see fit.
  • Interesting concept. I'm not against the idea, but I think there should be strict controls in place. You should not be able to walk in and kill yourself, but the service should be available to those who are terminally ill and/or in consistant intense pain.
  • Ok, most of you will have no idea what I'm talking about, but for those who are old enough to remember the suicide clinic in this movie: SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! ARRGGGHHHHHH
  • Not if they're open to everyone. Only people with long term/life altering medical problems, the terminally ill, or people in serious continuual physical pain should be able to go to a clinic or hospital and end their life. For anyone else, suicide is not the solution to anything, and we shouldn't enable it.
  • YES! IT appals me to think a man can go die for his country but he can't just go and die. I've had to sit and watch relatives slowly die in hospices, watched people I love want to just die, but couldn't..I know if my quality of living was drastically reduced, where I could not move, or go to the bathroom or function well enough to live a semi-normal life I would want to die and it should be my choice to do so. How can anyone tell us what we can and cannot do with out bodies?! How stupendous is the idea that it's illegal to not live...yet that's what the law is, and if you attempt it and fail, your life is only gonna suck more because then they are either gonna lock you up in jail or in an institution or something. So why is it this way? Because the medical industry is making a fortune keeping the dead alive. There's more old people alive today then there ever has been at one time. Sickness and accidents are commonplace, if you've ever had surgery or an accident you know how expensive it can be, imagine how expensive it is when you or someone you love is permanantly stuck in the hospital, having surgery after surgery, or living on a catheter, an IV and intubator. It's big money treating the sick and ill, not in curing them really, jsut keeping them medicated and alive for as long as the bill can be paid.
  • Absolutely. If a woman can terminate another person's life, certainly people should be able to terminate their own life for any reason they choose.
  • omg i never even thought about this... :/
  • Yes. There should be someplace people can go to die with dignity if they feel that's the solution to their problem, just like women do if they feel that abortion is the solution to their problem. It's not my or your business to tell what to do with THEIR life. As it stands now, when someone commits suicide, there's usually a mess or dead body for somebody to deal with. A suicide clinic would take care of all of that. It should also be covered by insurance.
  • Lol sure. I think people should be able to kill themselves. Why not? They're only a drag on society anyway.
  • Yes. It would help us with our overpopulation, pollution, and unemployment problems too.
  • My opinion is that it would be ok for people with documented proof that they have some sort of terminal disease or are in constant pain. Something along those lines. I do not think it should be something that is allowed because your life isn't going your way. If someone is completely healthy, but depressed for some reason and it is going to be allowed for them, there should be a long waiting period. I no people that have wanted to kill their self, and after getting help or just after time passed and their heart healed a little they didn't want to anymore. Personally I would like to say that I attempted suicide, once years ago. Thankfully I was not successful, and I got the help I needed. Things would probably be different if I could have went to some clinic. So if it were allowed there should be VERY VERY strict guidelines.
  • It's their body and their life. If they'd rather be dead, we have no right to stop them. Nobody should be forced to live if they don't want to.
  • I don't have a problem with it as long as taxpayers don't get a bill for it. I'm tired of bailing everybody out.
  • Yes and like Daisy85 said there needs to be strick rules about who can do this. As in not just some highschool kid who's being bullied. A clinic would be nice though, this way your daughter wouldn't have to come in the house to find her father dead in the bathtub with a wire clinched around his neck. Yeah...that's not very pleasant. It would be better to go somewhere where your family wouldn't be the ones to find you dead.
  • I'm for anything that clears up the roads and reduces traffic lol. No, but seriously....I see no problem with it, the world is overpopulated enough, if someone wants to die, they're going to do it regardless anyways.
  • It would certainly be better than running in front of speeding vehicles on the highway like so many have opted to do in NY. Jumping off the bridge is not for everyone and this has become the popular way to die but it leaves another person shattered.
  • There is a clinic in Switzerland, run by an organisation called "Dignitas" The BBC showed a film made about the journey of Dr Anne Turner from her discovery of her debilitating illness to the end of her life in Switzerland - how she told her children, her friends etc. If you can get hold of a copy of this movie, it is WELL WORTH watching! "A short stay in Switzerland"
  • I am pro-life and I have always been very clear about my stand on that, but as long as we're thinking like liberals here with the whole "your body, your choice" thing--why not? and teens shouldnt have to get parental permission either. lets also have emo clinics where lonely kids can cut themselves-after all, its THEIR body, right? no more intervention for crack addicts either-c'mon, its THEIR body aint it? Let the alcoholics and the hookers alone-its THEIR body! Ok, I am being sarcastic here if somebody missed that. My answer is no. I would not approve of suicide clinics. A woman can get an abortion out of pure convienence. Would a suicide clinic be the same way? Could you simply have one bad day and go in and do away with yourself? Or would you say its only for those who are terminal? Would there have to be an age limit? What about the elderly or handicapped who are incapable of making a personal decision? Shall we choose life or death for them? Doesnt sound like a good idea to me.
  • Yiikes! Sanctioning suicide? I'm all for ending it all if there is a terminal illness and terminal pain if that is the individual's choice, but the rest is sick. We are here to overcome our problems, not to ditch them and cop out. You are just gonna have to come back and do it again, so you might as well fight the good fight now.
  • Hello! There isn't a clinic because you can kill yourself for free at home duh! i think this is a sily question I don't think anyone who wants to die wants to make an appointment and go down to it to stare into a waiting room fish tank reading people magazine waiting to die. It would get to complicated and the wait would be insane! they might want you to leave a will and require that you have death insurance before the process. lol
  • Yes. If people getting abortions can get help ending somebody else's life, we should be able to get help ending our own. It's only logical. I guess you'd have to pay first, though.
  • You mean like sanctioned crack houses?! ;-)
  • yes I think there should be, if we can kill a baby who has no vote then why not let some kill themselves
  • Yes and it should be like a nice lux resort. The ad should read: Club Dead-Check in to Check out!
  • Sure, a quick, quiet, painless way to go.. Then we could also have a good stock of donated organs for those who need them instead of waiting around for someone to accidentally die in a car wreck or whatever. Make the clinic so its mandatory that all useful organs are donated as are all remains for research. Families can have whatever might be left over.
  • no, cause its not good to have a place that encourages people to do that

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