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  • I think ur just not attracted to them some women can look past it but it may be a problem for you maybe some day ull grow out of it.
  • I think it is a matter of taste and there many women who do not like a small penis. But it also can be that you have deep reservations to any kind of sex with a penis. Perhaps a penis is basically not attractiv eto you and so a small penis is a good reason for you to throw up. But a man dores not only consist of a penis.
  • In former times when women were buying slaves the most important part to them was the penis and the balls of the offered slave. So many women were squeezing their penis and balls and then they said tat could feel his virility. A virile slave was a good and hard working slave and for women that time it was only a method if they paid a resonable price for a slave. Looking deeper it seem to have to do with virility. Every male and every woman are always checking if the partner is appropriate to them. And a small penis might cause doubts if such a man is able to produce children. But small or big penises have nothing to do if a man can produce children or give good sex. But it seems to be true that burly and strong men usually have longer and bigger penises.
  • Only YOU know why you hate small penises so much ... However; are you aware tht the AVERAGE size is 5.2 to 5.5 Inches when fully erect ; according to Men's health Magazine and the Kinsey Institute of Sexual Studies .... ? Just so you are aware of what Small might actually be ...
  • You've bought into the BIG LIE!!! It's NOT true that size matters!!! A small penis can pleasure you just as much as a large one...sometimes even better!!! Your reaction is ALL in your head & you're cheating yourself out of a LOT of fun!!! 😊

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