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  • Tell your spouse how important it is to you... see if you can get them into a little more...
  • Okay, if you can't tell your spouse that you're feeling sexually frustrated, there is something wrong with your relationship. This isn't to say you should pressure them for more sex, but you should be able to talk about it. So talk. What turns them on? What turns them off? If they liked X, why? If they didn't like Z, what was the problem? Explain, without being pushy, how you're feeling and what you're looking for. Try to have at least some specifics so your partner has something to work with. Seriously, this is a conversation you need to have. And if the two of you can't talk to each other at all, either some serious sex/relationship counseling or a divorce (harsh as that sounds) should be in the works. (I'm assuming that you don't have kids. Correct me if I'm wrong.)
  • You've got to talk about it...this is the exact situation I had with my ex. He was sexually frustrated because I had no sex drive at the time and instead of talking to me to find out if there was a problem, he cheated. My lack of drive came from an anti-depressent that I was on (that he didnt know about...) I just wish he would have talked to me before he went behind my back. Just saying, maybe theres something going on with her that she needs to talk about too :-)
  • reduce your labido. few spouses with low labido are abke to understand what sex drive really is and how important it is for their partner... however your spouse will then be dissapointed that you might start turning them down half as often as they have been turning you down because when you supress your labido it does not come back on demand
  • I find that people who don't talk much about sex think more about sex. Most women like myself think about sex constantly. On the other hand if I was in a close relationship I would talk about it a lot with my s/o. Try and get her to talk more. Tell her you want an open and honest relationship. Communication is the key!!
  • must look backwards. when you were dating, was this person MORE sexual? What has happened to change that? The fact that they wont talk about it, infers that there is an emotional injury there. could you have unintentionally pushed this person into an unwanted sex act? maybe you pushed them into sex when they were not emotionally capable at some point? You ddint marry this person becauase they didnt satisfy you sexually, something has changed. figure out what, why and when. work from there. (is it more sex you want, or kinkier sex?) that makes a difference too.
  • it is a hard one... i find it takes a lot of courage to discuss and even then the timing has to be right or she becomes upset with me

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