• Obviously, if Iraq turned out to be a success, that ain't going to happen.
  • If it turns out his Iraqi policy was right and a stable democracy is established that becomes a bulwark against Al Qaeda and Muslim terrorism in that region. In addition, if we learn that his team foiled terrorist activities in the U.S. that could have caused major destruction and loss of life.
  • Who made him below-average president? - our liberal media and a liar Nancy Pelosi, who is a nasty malicious liar woman herself. She should be butt out of the cabinet. When all liberal media will be changed some day "by the miraculous wand" GWB will be the next great President after Ronald Reagan. And you let the liberal media get you brainwashed?
  • Check the history again and he was very much above averqage.
  • I never thought George was "below average". I felt he was abysmal, probably one of the worst this country has ever had. He got us into a war with no justification, no forethought and no planning. He allowed the economy to tank and deliberately frustrated scientific research, tried to force his juvenile and unsupportable notions of religion on the rest of the world and conducted the office of the Presidency as a sandbox. As you might have noticed, I was greatly disappointed in his overall performance and his personality. I acknowledge that I am not alone in my beliefs and that there are others who disagree (see some answers here). Which demonstrates that Barnum was right.

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