• Dunno. But I know you STILL can't get 867-5309 in ANY area code in the USA to this day. I've tried.
  • "Mary Baker Eddy was long rumored to have a telephone installed in her crypt, but this has proved to be naught but folklore. During construction of her monument at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Boston, her body was kept in that cemetery's general receiving vault. A guard was hired to stay with the body until it was interred and the tomb sealed, and a telephone was installed at the receiving vault for his use during that period. There was never a phone at her monument. Yet lore has a way of building upon the tiniest fact until a story has been fully fleshed out. The Baker Eddy crypt phone became, through rumor, an instrument installed as a comfort for a fear-driven woman who was terrified by the thought of finding herself, er, encrypted. Even from there the story continued to grow: [Collected on the Internet, 2002] The phone was only connected to a special phone at her house. Therefore, if that particular phone in the house rang, it meant it wasn't just another phone call - it was an urgent call from Ms. Baker Eddy because she had been buried alive. So, one stormy evening lightning hit the phone line and the special phone rang and a servant at the house fainted (or died) of fright." Source and further information: Further information:

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