• I don't know, but it surely won't be happening while the weak ass Obama is in office, making us look pathetic.
  • I think you're optimistic thinking that will ever happen.
  • We are backed into a corner. We must truly change or die and we need to see the tremendous meaning as a nation of the word Goodwill. We have let our leaders F**K all of our neighbors and now we must show who WE are. Through lack of interest in any educational tools, we elect criminals. At least Mao Tse Tung bragged about his intentions and didn't try to hide behind God.
  • We never had it our enemies feared us we lost that with Obama and our allies valued us because we respected that but we lost that with the Way Obama treated them. For ever is the answer.
  • Will never happen until they all move here and take over America with their families.
  • Bush was the only one in the world with enough balls to fight back against the terrorists and I thank him for it. Meanwhile Obama is giving speaches bashing America and it's values. I'm not ashamed of America's past. Obama would bow to Bin Laden if he hadn't attackted us. Obama is pretty loved my anti Amercans which is a scary thought. He bows to them.
  • Was it ever broken?

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