• Bring her out for a good dinner and give her hugs. She should be touched =P
  • Take her out, spend sometime with her.
  • Do the housework for her and cook dinner(unless you have a maid or live far away) Write her a poem write her a special letter where you tell her how special she is to you. Make something your self.
  • Voucher for a massage, or facial maybe? Tickets to a show? Toiletries? Spend time with her, cook dinner, make cuppas all day long and do all the housework!
  • How about offering to do something for her that she hates to do? Like maybe cleaning the fridge or washing her car, etc. You can make a "ticket" that says something like "this ticket is good for one chore to be done by me at your request and whatever you would prefer it be...because I love you so much; and wrap it in gift wrap with a bow maybe." I know, kinda mushy; but some moms would love it. I hope she loves whatever you decide on.
  • You could perhaps bake her a cake/cook a meal or take her out somewhere for the day? - Possibly you could make sure she doesn't have to lift a finger ALL day and do all the housework? - Maybe you could buy her some flowers, or, if she prefers, a plant which could be planted in the yard. - Or you could take her to a spa day, or make an appointment for her to get a facial or a massage. Perhaps you could buy her some smellies/cosmetics/toiletires? - Get a family photo framed - Or maybe you could make her a card yourself =)
  • A gigolo.
  • Hire a maid or expert to organize a room or closet of hers+5.
  • Mine doesnt either... I would suggest: 1)A cake and a card or 2) A nice potted flower and a card.
  • A simple purchase gift option - get her a lovely flowering (perennial) plant that she can place in the garden after Mother's Day. A nice creative gift option - buy a mosaic craft kit and make her a mosaic box or a stepping stone for the garden. A sentimental gift option - find a favorite old family photo and have it enhanced and framed nicely.
  • You could either take her out to a movie, lunch, dinner, breakfast, get her a massage, or buy her something that she normally wouldn't buy for herself but would like to have. If you know where she likes to shop you could always get her a gift card and a nice mothers day card.
  • Take her out for dinner/buffet or cook a special meal for her.
  • Take her out for dinner.

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