• Natural all the way
  • Natural born beauty anyday. : )
  • I like a woman with black eye liner and nude colored lips fake breasts are nice and fake nails if she cant grow them out. I dont concider that to be fake, its just like a gun, if you add a scope it doesnt make it fake it makes it better for doing the job.
  • I like beautiful women... personality wise that means not so uppity as to have a problem with enhancing natural beauty. it also means not a obsessed with perfecting every little blemish. if a girl wants implants to reach a C or depending on her frame a D that is fine... if she needs a new surgery every year then no.
  • I like a girl with a naturally pretty face, and a nice set of real breasts. I think that is the way a woman is supposed to look. Of course, I'm not going to turn down a fake girl if she wants to have sex. That would just be wrong. :)
  • not a guy, i just find it odd that almost all of you said you prefer natural, but the natural girls are NOT the ones you awweeeee at. The natural girls are NOT the standards you hold normal girls to meet.
  • Natural all the way.
  • I appreciate a natural girl. I admit that some makeup can look good but I want a woman that doesn't need to be put together every morning before I can see her. I don't like implants. period. I would rather have her a B or C naturally than a D or greater with silicone. Really.
  • I buy natural products all the time, no chemicle sprays, organic fertilizer, so it is natural for to say..what is there to say: Natural
  • I'm a sucker for any woman who resembles Jennifer Coolidge
  • There are two kinds of people in this world. Real, and fake. Fake: -Actors -Strippers -Lawyers -Blow-up Dolls -Players -Hos -Senators Real: -Friends -Family -Doctors -Those who are confident their looks -Those who are confident in themselves I'll take column B anyday.
  • Fake all the way. When you're done, you can pull the plug, put her back in the box and slide her under the bed. Anyway, that's how they look to me.
  • Not that I may not "like" them, but, I am just not attracted to them. I don't care how old a woman is, the natural look is always the long as she is neat and has some concern for her appearance. Women in their sixties can be very attractive....and sexy.
  • I'm OK with "fake women", though the way you describe them makes them seem crazy unattractive - like some sort of busty Frankenstein monster. Will I go for the saggy, blotchy, chubby natural woman, or the toned, perky fake woman. There is no depth to my shallowness, if someone is attractive then they are attractive. I am amused by people who claim they aren't shallow because they only like "natural" women, and then go on to hypocritically condemn women who have had cosmetic surgery. It warms my heart.
  • Natural all the way. :-)
  • I do like women who takes good care of themselves, and are contented with their inborn looks.
  • Natural for me. Come just the way you are. You're fine just how you are. I wish not to dramatise things, but it's terrible what's happening. By different means we make many women feel insecure about their beauty--in many instances to the point of lowing their self-esteem, then we make billions of dollars by preying on it. Selling them all kinds of fake stuff so they can achieve the "standar of beauty".........then we call them fake.
  • I was totally OK with everything until you got to "extensions". That's where I draw the line. No extension-wearing women for me. That's just too ..... Geesh!
  • hell no if they got so low a self estem they need to [enhance] them selves i dont want em give me a natral beuty anyday
  • Fake women like that are such a big turn off for me, give me a natural women anytime :)
  • the make up is a turn off if caked on, collagen injected lips if done right (which is rarely) are a turn on, silcone breasts again if done right a turn on, and extensions a turn off.
  • A little mascara, a little eye shadow, a little lipstick, and a little perfume is enough to drive me wild.
  • Natural, no contest.
  • A fake one. At least I know what I am getting.đŸ˜‰Besides, fake is being honest. because only 1/10 of 1% can ever be skinny. Its our diet and lifestyle. Most Americans live indoors with no exercise and eat genetically modified food. The only people people who can be physically fit are those who are young and/or genetically blessed.
  • Yes I do . Women today are judged by their looks & I am certainly not going to criticize anyone for making a maximum effort to put on their best appearance & be the best they can possibly be.
  • I retired as a PUA over fifteen years ago, but back in the day most of that didn't matter, and I doubt a lot of that was even in vogue then. With or without makeup did not matter, so long as the gal was attractive. Real or silicone boobs did not matter. What scored an instant rejection was padded bras on gals more flat-chested than me, girdles/corsets making chubsters look svelte, and wigs on them that were balding. That was what I called fake women, and no, I definitely did not like them.

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