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  • Yes I would. I know if it were my bf, I'd want to know he was doing that!! I think you did the right thing. Your friend can decide what she wants to do with the info.
  • Id pull him up first and ask what he thought he was doing, give him the chance to come clean to her then if he didnt I would
  • Oh wow!! I would tell my friend. I don't think he even deserves the chance to explain himself to you first. He can do that to her. I'm sorry for your situation, good luck with whatever you decide!
  • Well I think it depends on how long they have been together and how they met.... If this is a fairly new relationship he may have forgotten about his post on the website, or it may be the very post that your friend responded to. However, if they have been together a while and I knew him too, I would tell him that I had seen it and to either sort it out or warn him that I would be telling my friend. If they have been together a while and I didn't know him I would tell my friend - and maybe between us we could set him up for a meeting for a good time and then invite him to explain himself....
  • Maybe this was posted before he ever met his gf. I would talk to him first, and then decide
  • It could all be innocent, an old post or something, but I think I would speak to my friend about it, because if he is going behind her back, she needs to be out of that relationship, or at least have all the information to decide for herself whether she should leave. Tough one for you though. Good luck :(
  • I definitely would tell. If that caused the friendship to break so be it. He is a bum and she should know..maybe she already does and doesn't want to own up to it because that would mean she'd either have to dump him or be known as a doormat. I still would tell. I'd want to know if it were my guy! Happy Saturday! :)
  • Yes. That's what friends are for. She should know so she can ask him about it. If it is innocent, he shouldn't have a problem explaining it. If the situation were turned around, I think you would want her to tell you.
  • Yes if she is my friend I would watch out for her best interest.
  • I would pull up the website, and say I found a guy that looks just like (Rick) what do you think? She can make her own conclusions.
  • i would let her find it but lead the way for her to do so. it also could be an old profile. if he is active on there, that is really bad. i would not be able to "not" lead her to it.
  • I would tell my friend without question. A good friend always looks out for her buddies. You could invite her over and ask her if she has seen it and show is to her. I know someone who's boyfriend was having an affair with someone for 6 months and none of her friends told her about it. Not nice at all.
  • I'd tell her about it and send her the link just in case she didn't believe me, because sometimes female friends can think 'you're just jealous and trying to break us up'.
  • I would first check the date of the posting. it could have been posted way back before those two got together. I would absolutley make sure this was the same person, before i made a move. If its not him, you could destroy their relationship.
  • If i were you i would ask him about it. if he denied it i would tell my friend what was the case but if it wasn't really him (after some investigation) or he had it there long before the relationship and forgot about it i would still make him tell her about it.But check first to see if he did , cause you know how guys can be!
  • i would cut and paste the page, tell her immediately and provide her with proof.
  • I would save the page and show it to him as proof.
  • i would since some things shouldn't be hidden from others.
  • If I were you, I would tell your friend in private. Keep it short, like, "Listen, it's none of my business, but I thought you might want to know that your boyfriend is posted on the dating service I use as "single and looking for a good time." You might want to change the subject after that, but take cues from her -- does it seem like she wants to talk about it, or no? Either way, after the conversation is over, never bring it up again. Also, don't tell anyone else about what you saw.
  • damn strait i would tell my freind... reason being is becuase relationships are hard... it wouldn't be right for me to know something like that and not tell her.. becuase if i didn't then wouldnt be a true freind... and also it would nag at me and make me want to beat the guy... and about you telling your freind... at least yo know that you did the right thing.. that is a true freind.. and i am sure that she trusts you alot... it takes alot of guts to do something like that.. i am proud of you....
  • I would deffinatly tell her. Put yourself in her position, I'm sure you would like to know. However, he may have posted that before he got with your friend. Are there any dates on the website that could confirm this?
  • dont rush into it, I would do 2 things, 1 figure out how old the posting is and 2 i wouldnt tell your friend i would advise her and tell her that i saw blah blah at and its nothing to be worried about but i think you should ask him about it
  • I think for sure you should tell her, she maybe upset in the short term, but he staying with a guy that is trying to cheat on her, says he probably has already.
  • Heck yeh, Id tell her or him. I would have no problem. I hate disloyal people and I tell it to their face.

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