• Dad was a welder, Mom was a dog groomer
  • My father was self employed and my mother worked in a bank. Later she quit her job and worked with my father full time.
  • dad= Military Cop in the Air Force, mom= Manager of one of the many family owned Apartment complex's today. dad= top secret job as a civilian in the Air Force mom= still the manager at the same apartment complex.
  • My Dad works for a printing company My Mama is a librarian A good combination for teaching the value of hard work and education, if you ask me.
  • My father was an accountant. My mother was a homemaker until I was about 15 years old. Then she worked as an administrative assistant.
  • He was a well-connected downtown businessman who owned a large floor covering company and a roofing/siding business. My mother was the typical (for that time) stay at home second-generation Italian housewife.
  • My Mom was a school teacher , Dad worked for a private firm :)
  • Dad did a lot of different things. Mostly in the feild of construction. Surveying was one of things he did the longest I think. Now he owns his own biz. Poor guy. Works so hard and get's nowhere. Mom babysat for about 5yrs after I was born. Went back to school and worked part time at a bowling ally. Now she is in medical imaging.
  • He worked on an assembly line making cars for 44 years. The ironic thing is he never had a driver's license and never owned a car.
  • Dad was as a Data Processor for N.A.S.A. and Mom worked on the bottle inspection line for Coca Cola.
  • hard labor doing jobs educated Americans don't do. That is if they could get to the job before the illegal immigrants did.
  • Father - an Air Force Fire Fighter for Crash & Rescue Mother - a clerk/steno & record keeper for a city fire department
  • My dad has had a few occupations: auto mechanic, logging, roadside landscaping. But mostly he was convicted of multiple felonies (albeit nonviolent) and was in jail. My stepfather was a chief in the Navy. My mom had a nice and normal life doing property management, earning a good living until she made the mistake of remarrying - then she found it difficult to hold down any job because a wife in the Navy is always seen as a temporary employee. Now she does freelance web design.
  • Dad, former WWII Canadian Army, then worked hard labour in vegetable fields, later tree nursery until retirement Mom, census-taker, later in life, maid Always been proud of my parents, both hard workers all their adult lives; with 4 children, our family never lived on or accepted welfare; we always found a way to get through.
  • my father worked his ass out working in construction and a pet shop... and my mom worked at taking care of my fathers best friend... my grandma took care of me and my brothers!
  • Mom was a seamstress; my dad was a pastor of a church.
  • Father - machinist Mother - sub. teacher and pharmacy tech.
  • Dad= Farmer, bought and ran a hardware store, plumber Mon= Stay at home mom
  • Dad was a Soldier Mum was a Shop Assistant.
  • My dad did industrial electrician work, and was an associate pastor at a church. My mother was a waitress :)
  • Dad was self-employed cleaning/repairing/installing dryer vents. Mom was stay-at-home.

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