• The feel of it, the way it fits so well to being in the woods, the quiet and peaceful setting. And I love that my husband and I built it ourselves, just the two of us so every part of it means something, has a story to tell.
  • LOVE: It's a split level and every square foot both up and down is finished and usable. It is well taken care of and has been updated and modernized along the years. HATE: But, it has stairs to go both up and down and the laundry room is on the lower level (walk out basement). Not good because we are getting older and at some point will need to change.
  • I love that my house is big enough to be comfortable, but small enough to clean top to bottom in 2.5 hours. I hate the fact it as so little closet space.
  • I love the shelter, I hate the family.
  • I love the fact that we are the corner property. We have a huge yard that I love. I have a nice garden in the front that I love. Love how the laundry room is upstairs near the bedroom, what is more convenient than that?? lol I love the high ceiling in the master bedroom. Love the tile floors in the kitchen, dining room and bathrooms. Love my new bedroom set. Love the water pressure. Love all the storage spaces we have. I hate the taxes in this part of NJ. lol I hate the brown spots in the grass. I hate the fence, needs to be replaced. I hate our screen door that doesnt latch right. I hate the wallpaper in the kitchen, hate the wallpaper in the living room too. The whole house needs a coat of pain. I hate the carpet, it needed to be replaced a long time ago.... I hate the bathfitter in the shower, its so hard to keep clean. And I HATE this painting that he kept from his late grandmother's house hanging in my dining room. I feel torn because I dont want to hurt his feelings! So I let it hang there ;))
  • I love the size and the bedrooms but hate my surrounding neighbors and high taxes!
  • I absolutely love the views of the sea we have and the rooms are very large. I dislike the loud music my upstairs neighbour plays at midnight.
  • Love the location and distance from work. I dislike the train nearby honking all the time, it is very noisy.
  • I love everything about my is my dream home. We worked for years to save the money to build it...and it is ours, free and clear. I love that my hubby and I show our pride in it by keeping it clean and tidy-ish and well-maintained...we live in it and it shows. We love it...and it shows. There is nothing I hate about it.
  • Provides our needs hate the location.
  • Hate the siding and love the hot tub!

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