• I separate. I wash all whites together in hot water and the colors together in warm water and the delicates together in warm water on delicate cycle.
  • Four different categories Delicates - cold water/delicate spin Darks - cold water/delictae spin Jeans and heavy duty darks - warm water/Normal spin Whites - hot water/heavy duty spin Plus Blankets/throws/pillows - quick wash which is a shortenedd cycle of warm/normal spin. I love my front-load washer. :)
  • I wash all my clothes together on a 30 degree wash with a colour cather sheet in the wash, so that if any colour runs its caught in the sheet not on your other clothers. Unless you have enough washing to do seperate washes this is the most economical way I find anyway
  • I seperate lights/colours/darks - all go on a cool 30degree or 40degree wash. Bedding/Towels etc I put on a hot 60degree wash... not very eco friendly, I know!
  • Sort oranges with reds, purples, and bright blues; navies with blacks; and creams with tans. Turn garments inside out to reduce fading and prevent pilling. Don’t overstuff your washer. It can cause poor rinsing and detergent deposits. Wash dark fabrics in cold water to prevent fading. Don’t forget to load the machine with Cheer® For Darks. New colored garments (especially red ones) should be washed separately first to avoid bleeding. Close buttons, zip zippers, and fasten clasps to prevent damage to delicate items within the load.
  • I hot wash my white clothing - sheets, bras, underwear etc. High heat drier. And do my colors in cold water , gentle cycle. Dry in low heat. Hand wash delicate items like stockings. Take jeans, tops, shirts out early so they don't wrinkle too much.
  • I generally just wash everything with cold water. It's more gentle on the clothing. I separate darks, whites, light clorors, brighter colors, and heavier items such as jeans. I usually wash underwear and other lighter materials together. For very delicate items such as my stockings and pantyhose, I hand wash them in the sink. I also hand wash wool socks and wool hats for winter.
  • Whites go in the white bag, colors go in the colored bag. When I wash I put in 1/2 cup soap. If I'm doing whites, I put white vinegar in the "SOFTENER" cup to rinse out the last of the soap. Actually I can't tell the difference, but that's what someone told me. The machine has preset programs for about a dozen combinations, but I only use "Whites" and "Casual". I still have the military attitude: "Get 'em wet and get 'em dry again!"

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