• well i have NO issues wiht it if it is two consenting ADULTS.
  • its better to be loved and respected by the person you chose, than to be used by those who were chosen by society
  • When it comes to teenagers, people always assume that the couple isnt mature enough to deal with the age gap, and they always worry about sex and other such things. But as couples get older the age gap is less and less of an issue. My dad for instance is 20 years older than my stepmom, he's 3 years younger than my stepmoms father. And they also had a baby together, and they've never gotten a single negative comment on their relationship.
  • I wasn't aware that they were, as long as there's no pedephilia involved. Why does someone's opinion matter?
  • It's not true that everyone is "closed minded" about this. There are issues of concern with large age gaps, and it matters how old the younger person is too -- i.e. if one party is underage legally, or if they're particularly young and vulnerable, there are concerns about exploitation. I'm much older than my partner. We took a lot of heat about it, but also found plenty of people who are open-minded and supportive. You just never know what you'll hear from others. It's worth listening to advice from those who seem thoughtful and aware that your situation is unique. For those who are just judgmental and narrow-minded, the middle-finger may be the best response.
  • I think most relationships are between two people of different ages. ;)
  • I was recently wandering the same. Although I'll have you know that people aren't the ones in the relationship! It took me some time to realize this but we are all human. We didn't come with rules tattooed to the back of our necks ordering us to date between this and that age. If you feel that the relationship satisfies you, then to hell with everyone else. Life is too short to stutter over your emotions!
  • The age gap issue is influenced by personal tastes, religion, upbringing, footwear, society, family, friends, peer pressure, the phase of the moon, and, how wealthy the old codger is. When I consider, just how young could I date, I think in terms of "young enough to be hot, old enough to not be creepy" 20 years, and still no answer. If only there were a place I could ask the internet at large, for some help!
  • Good question. I think as long as a child and an adult are not involved and no one is hurting anyone, who cares? +5
  • close minded people are infected lol. I dont care how you sail your ship, but I prefer to date older women always have, always will, young women drive me nuts
  • I'm attracted to older men, so I don'thave a problem with it. I also wouldn't see too much of a problem if it were an adolescent (i.e. teenager) and an adult, as long as no coercion is involved. both are willing, and are responsible.
  • I don't have a problem with it, but it is difficult. Been there, done that. I was 39 he was 18. The failure rate is enormous, as if the rate isn't high enough when there isn't an age gap.
  • Not everyone is closed minded about it. My husband is almost 20 years older than I am and everyone in our lives (family, friends) accepts it.
  • Unfortunately I think eyebrows raise when it is an older woman/younger man. It's quite common the other way around...but when the woman is older, I don't care what people say, society judges them...
  • Maybe you're being close minded in your assumptions about everyone. I'm not close minded about age within relationships and i don't know anyone who is.
  • im not close minded...but, if the situation is illegal, which is what I assume you are getting too, because of the subject you choose...its statutory rape...and people are against it, because its against the law. minors under the age of 18 are children. for them to be with someone sexually or even a little physically that is legally an adult is not socially acceptable. why? because its illegal!
  • Everyone is close minded period. That is the entire problem. If you are looking to be in a relationship with someone older or younger don't worry about what others think. You sould be 18 or older to make this decision. If you are 14/15 and wantr to date a 24 yr old then that would be wrong and against the law.
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