• You may think that everything is going great, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he feels the same way.
  • Guys are weird. They like to feel like they're always going on adventures. Different girls are different adventures. Your guy might just want to go on a new adventure.
  • i believe that the only reason why guys end the relationship when things are getting good or going great is because they are afraid of committment... Xx.Landa
  • That is textbook fear of commitment. And girls do it, too.
  • They have found someone else they want to date or they are planning going somewhere where they could meet someone else they are interested in. Anyway it is to free themselves from you.
  • Because the guys begin to THINK or REALIZE that the relationship is getting more serious than they want(ed) ... so they END thing before they get more serious ...
  • Usually means they got another shorty yo...
  • Maybe, just maybe... the girl is a real pain in the ass.
  • It can only be going great on one side of the relationship. He would not just end it if it was going well for him too.
  • b/c they have someone on the side! they like to keep their 'options open'...
  • you have no idea...i told a girl i love her on her birthday card...and i was hour ago...
  • There are many reasons for this. One that others have not yet touched on is that the 'drug cocktail' one experiences in a relationship is different than the 'drug cocktail' one gets when first getting to know a new potential romantic partner. Some people (both men and women) prefer the wild excitement of the 'New Partner Cocktail' over the more sedate 'Relationship Cocktail'. Of course, said people may also opt to stay on the 'Relationship Cocktail' until a new partner comes along...:-P... . . .
  • Well. . .obviously. . .everything ISN'T "going great"!
  • It could be that they fear being to committed.
  • It just means you thought everything was great, it was for you. Not for him. This happens sometimes, I'm sure you have or will do the same sometime.
  • It means he saw some eye candy, and he wants permission to chase her.
  • Not all, but many guys are afraid of commitment, and some are even more afraid of possible parenthood. I've had problems like that with all the guys I have dated.
  • lots of reasons. maybe he felt like your relation ship expected him to take it to the next level and he wasn't ready, maybe he's got a side piece and prefers her, maybe he just learned he has cancer and doesn't want to be pittied by you or doesn't want to drag you down

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