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  • A mother and father to son/daughther relationship- yes, big time. They'll lose your trust and confidence.
  • It can and has. If you are opposed to your partner using and they continue. That can be said for anything really.
  • I believe it can just because I went through something like that. My ex and I had a great relationship. We were always happy together and we made the best couple. He started smoking pot again and it turned to hell. He was high almost 3 times a week and it just got annoying. On our year anniversary, we were supposed to have a romantic night out in the city. He showed up stoned, and it pissed me off so bad. His eyes were all bloodshot and he was acting like an idiot. I just couldn't take it anymore, so I ended things. It sucks because we really could have had a great thing, but pot ruined it!!!
  • Maybe, but it can also keep one together when you've run out of things to talk about. After a certain number of years, you've pretty much heard everything the other person has to say and thinks, so it can open things up a bit. Besides, if nothing else, it can help a couple better enjoy movies together!
  • Yes if it comes between you
  • Yea, it can definitely ruin relationships of any kind. It depends on how involved a person is, and how much the other opposes the behavior. Some people just cannot agree on if using it is really such a bad thing, I learned that the hard way.
  • heres one - can you have a good relationship without good marijuana?
  • Abuse or overuse of marijuana can. Disagreeing about its use can. But just marijuana, by iteself, poor little innocent
  • Yes ,and very quickly if one person is straight and the other insists on smoling
  • Marijuana can't do a thing. It is all down to the person smoking it
  • Yes; It can It will It has Speaking from personal experience, of course.
  • MANY things can damage a good relationship Recreational drugs, drinking, gambling, pornography, overuse of personal computers. too much overtime at work ... all these things can damage a good relationship! Anything in excess is no good.
  • Of course marijuana can damage a good relationship. Monetary issues immediately come up as the priority problem. Marijuana is a very costly investment, and is much worse than a commitment to smoking. Second, marijuana destroys the body, and therefore a person high on this drug cannot concentrate on daily activities, which means that he or she will gradually spend less time with their partners, and more time with their addictions. This kind of situation is even worse if the person addicted is the father or mother of a full-fledged family. Then, the responsible one cannot spend time with their children, further damaging the opportunity of spending quality time with their children and help them grow up properly Third, people who use drugs tends to go into denial most of the time, and thus detach from reality. Then they probably would lie about what they are doing, and if they lie to close ones, they not only traumatize both sides in the end, but also loses trust from friends and family members.
  • Ok here is how this shit worked out for me.... My GF was an avid smoker (of pot) , everyday for like the last millenium..... anyways I told her I don't smoke but at the time I wasn't going to make it a point to tell her I didn't like her smoking. Not that it was a negative or posistive but after she smoked it she was alot kinker and wanting to have sex.... anyways flash forward a few months. She ended up buying it from a dude that we worked with that I specifically told her I didn't want her to buy it from(because I am a crazy control freak... but that's another subject). Anyways she comes over for Dinner one night( I made us dinner! ) hella lit up. I questioned her about it, asked her where she got it and then ripped her a new asshole. It spoiled our dinner and she was ashamed that I went out of my way to have a good night with her and she NEEDED to buy and smoke pot right before she came over from work. Ever since .... she stopped dead cold because she SAW it was damaging the relationship. So to answer the question , if it bothers you, it CAN damage the relationship but it is all how each of you handle certain situations pertaining to it.
  • I once knew a couple who's relationship was ruined by marijuana. Aparently the woman ran off with her husband's bong, the guys was devastated.
  • Long term use can damage more than your relationship It will ruin your life and then It could damage your brain ...
  • Depends how much you let the marijuana control your life.
  • of course it can. it depends on what is more important- the relationship or your desire to "feel good".
  • Any mind altering or thought altering chemical, can ( and eventually will)
  • Absolutely. It's the reason why my best bud is breaking up with her boyfriend that she's had for over a year. She loves him and all, and she was okay with it at first. But, it's ALL he does now. It's all he really cares for. It's like the drug replaced her. It's quite sad really.
  • Ofcourse. Marijuana can break the best relationship up. If a woman doesnt want her man smoking marijuana, and he does anyway, everything could end. Everything in a perfect relationship could die over one stupid drug!
  • Definately. My x husband smoked pot for our whole 13 year marriage. He talked about all the things he was going to do, and never did them, not to mention he was the world's biggest cheater. Let's face it, Marijuana is a drug. I don't know about others, but it made my x lazy and unambitious. He loved to sit at home and get loaded while I brought home the paycheck.
  • That a myth Richard Nixon started up while injecting heroin with his co-conspirators.
  • i had a situation where my boyfriend put up with me smoking for a while, but it eventually caused major problems in our relationship. i decided finally that i loved him enough to stop, and things have been almost perfect since then
  • posted this on my birthday!! awesome! anywayyy...yes it can..i lost 3 really good friends when i did it! i am happy i stop smoking! it ruined me big time! =(
  • Not any more than alcohol. It has made some of my relationships much much better. I have witnessed a friend go through abuse in a relationship due to alcohol, and it was far worse than any cannabis related problems.
  • for sure. Give it up weather you're in a relationship or not.
  • Yes. I had my first girlfriend and she mentioned that it was okay for a guy to smoke a bit of weed at times, but no other drugs. I said to her that I never thought I would do that and she said it was 'good and healthy'. Well, I never happened to ask how much she might do it and one day I learned that she was 'raised on it'. The day after I learned that, I asked "What if we were together and we needed the money for something else?" and she replied she would just get another job and said that I made her uncomfortable. Not long after, it ended because she was having so many paranoid thoughts. She actually believed that I was being unfaithful with a suicidal pregnant woman -- that my girlfriend two days before stated I was 'sweet' for helping and to not worry 'cause she was 'not the jealous type'. How upset would someone get if their non-smoking friend merely asked them questions about weed?
  • It has ruined mine! I have 2 small children and i cannot bare him smoking with tghem around. He is a loser and one day soon i am going to run off and get free from him.
  • only if your not sharing (lol jk but really it can from what i have seen it do)
  • Sure, if the cops bust you and you don't get conjugal visits.
  • If my husband did it I would feel very hurt
  • I think so. I dated a guy who got involved in the stuff after we had been dating for about a year. He hooked up with some "old school buddies" that were a bunch of loadies. He got hooked on smoking the weed and that's all he wanted to do after that. He stopped working--stopped doing everything he set out to do originally because all he could think about was smoking that sh!t. It killed your ambition. He just didn't want to do anything but sit around with his "bing", smokin' his ganga and watching whatever was on t.v. I tried to help out, but he was fixated on the crap. Finally, I had enough and broke it off. I don't live my life like that and I couldn't ask him to change for me. He had to realize that what he was doing wasn't going to take him anwhere but down. To this day, he spends all his time in his bedroom, smokin' weed and glued to the T.V. It's sad. He has no money to go out with friends or even to fix his car when it needs it. It's a circle that never ends and it's very sad.
  • yes it can. Im currently in love with a guy who smokes weed. cuz of it he doesnt make time for me cuz his to busy out 24/7 smoking weed with his friends. lately he neglects me, doesnt call and when i go see him he wants to go home early so he can go out again to smoke. Its hurting me cuz he makes so many calls to his friends and not one to me. he sais im his everything and he loves me but i honeslty dont believe it anymore. its ruining us :(
  • Not as bad as alcohol. My 2 cents.
  • I have noticed one thing in this post, most of the people "bitching" that pot ruins relationships seem to be women! How can you sit there and say that if the man is will ing to put pot ahead of you (women) than he is wrong, ewhen it is YOU that is trying to control his freedom! Every coin has 2 sides, If you are imposing your own "will" on him by trying to force him to quit something that he likes that has "no consequesnce to others" then BUZZ OFF, you are the one with the problem! If you do not like the fact that he smokes it. either accept it or set the man free! I think that "EVERYONE should be "FORCED" to smoke it! All I would see as a problem is long lines at the drive thru, and I will take that over countries killing each other in war anyday! I do not ubnderstand how people can sit there and denounce pot when alcohol is leagal? When was the last time you heard of a "STONED" driver killing someone by driving under the influance, yet alcoholics do it all the time! This is Hypocricy! My wife and I smoked pot together for a few months when we first started going out, that is when she decided that she no longer would accept it? Huh.... I was 30 years old when we met, I had been smoking for 15 years, and she has the nerve to expect me to stop smoking it because she no longer is ok with it? Why wont she just accept it as a part of who I am and who I was for 15 years before I met her? Whenever she gets pissed about it, it makes me feel like she "Roped" me into a "Bogus" relationship and made me think thet she loved me for who I was but now that it no longer suits her, she wants me to change! It makes me feel like she is not happy unless she has total control over me and my actions! Trust me folks, smoking a little ganja now and then is no big deal if you are holding down a good job and taking catre of your responsibilities!
  • I have never done any drugs because it is just something I believe in. My BF smoked a little bit before we started dating, but luckily stopped before we became a couple. I just think it's stupid.
  • I have been both a sober person in a relationship with a pot-smoker (not druggie, or loser, or freak, or pothead...because people are still PEOPLE when they're smoking), and I've also been the person who smoked pot in a relationship with someone who did not. I am currently in a relationship where "occasionally" we both light up. From both angles, I saw that pot was a catalyst for already existing problems. In the first relationship, I found the person I was with had few goals regarding his future, while I personally had very concrete goals and plans for my life (still do). In this case, even if he'd stopped smoking marijuana, his goals would not have changed, and watching his throw away hundreds of dollars monthly on pot was frustrating and eye-opening. Pot was a symptom in this case for something much bigger. In the second relationship, the person I was with had smoked before, but had chosen to stop. That being said, he frequently pointed out that people who did use were "losers" and attempted to keep me from associating with anyone who might (might!) have something to do with weed. This grew later to include anyone male. In this case, the relationship ended because he was a jealous, over-bearing person who wanted to control a lot of the things that I did, and my marijuana usage allowed him an outlet for that behavior. The relationship I'm in now has its pitfalls and its shiny sparkly moments, too. I have vowed not to spend time with ANYONE (pot-user or otherwise) to call me names or control me, and I choose to surround myself with people who have ambition. I have not seen a decrease in my ability to perform my job or school duties, because I actively choose to moderate my own use of pot, like I do with alcohol, shopping, television watching, or fat calories. I feel very sorry for people who assume that someone is a "bad" person because of marijuana usage alone. This is a double edged sword: if you're willing to ask someone to choose between your love, or pot, you must realize that in your own mind, you've already chosen an answer yourself. Additionally, placing ultimatums on a person with whom you have an intimate personal relationship is not a good indicator that you yourself are ready to take them "as they are", for "better or worse". There are other people out there who may be a closer fit to what you're looking for in life. I also pity those who believe that they are solving their problems with it, or those who allow the over-consumption of ANY substance or vice to control their motivations. To these people, I recommend a balance: find something ELSE you like to do equally as much as smoking, or find someone who let's you talk about your problems and rant frequently (journals never say "let me call you right back"!), and never never never allow other people to judge or abuse you, but be aware: people have boundaries, and someone who has found an aspect of your personality or your lifestyle that is unacceptable is probably not the partner for you. There are people willing to accept you for who you are.
  • yes it can. especially if one person is eating all the damn cheetos!!!
  • Only if you LET IT! Let me go out on a are the girl, your man smokes, you don't like it, you threaten him all the time with "look at you, ruining a good relationship." AM I in the ballpark?
  • Sure can.
  • Over use of any substance can damage a good relationship.
  • only when the illegal is a problem.
  • Yes.Yes.Yes. I am in the middle of a struggling relationship that would be perfect were it not for my marijuana use. I had quit for almost a year and one day that I went back to it was enough to destroy all that had been going better since I'd quit. She asked me and I knew it would get in the way, it was hurting her to have it happen behind her back and I went and did it again and that's all it took to break both of us down. It's hard to deal with the pain that arises so if anyone is reading this, do you notice a pattern in the answers?
  • No, no, No. Only YOU can...
  • no it cant oniy ur brain but u'll be ight!
  • Compared to alcohol, (compared to anything really), marijuana is at worst innocuous and at best beneficial in many ways. It is the height of hypocrisy to rail against marijuana when alcohol is actually a far more insidious, harmful, and life-destroying drug when ABUSED. Just like anything, if you over-do it then, yes, it can be negative. An occasional drink is fine, BUT drunk in the gutter after spending all the rent money at the local watering hole followed by a wife-beating is another thing. Marijuana, on the other hand, has the following consequence from over-use: 1. Driving 50 in a 65 mph zone. 2. Forgetting your last sentence. Uh... OH! 3. Falling asleep after eating a little too many snacks. MIND YOU, there are numerous scientific studies that basically conclude it to be harmless.
  • that depends, does your s/o bogart it?
  • absolutely it can espeacially if one is doing it while the other chooses not to. People that are high are generally find themselves with little motivation for anything other then eating a whole box of captain crunch. Eventually the partner who does not want to get stoned will become disgruntled with the others lack of interest in anything including sex. Leading them to seek out someone with a bit more motivation.
  • Yes and would depend on honesty, the relationship, and how much you love a person. I personally allow my husband to live his life as he sees fit. If he can afford it, then he can have at it. I have no right to tell another person how to live. If I ever felt the need to be angry about his life choices, I would leave first before ever asking him to change. I don't want a "changed man" I love just who he is, someone that is happy.

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