• I am not going to criticise - it might not be your career choice but it is a job and it's better than sitting on your butt complaining about not having one. It is a sad fact of life that work is often a necessary evil and many of us don't enjoy what we do. Focus on the good stuff - enjoy the people you are working with and the customers as much as you can - if all else fails concentrate on the pay packet at the end of the month. Do the best you can always and strive to be noticed for the right reasons - take each day at a time and think about the stuff you can do with the money you are earning. Good luck!
  • A job is a job hun good on you for wanting to get one! All you can do is try and make the best of it, think positive and remember... your getting paid! woo hoo lol
  • spit in the burgers, say 'Mc' in front of every word "McHi, McCan McI McTake McYour McOrder..." in seriousness, youre doing a great thing by getting a job, even if you hate it. hopefully youll make some friends and nake some money (but keep your eyes peeled for a better job) do your job well so you get a good reference.
  • Relax and take advantage of the opportunity that has been given to you. Become a "people watcher" and discover that there is an endless variety of people for you to meet. Some will piss you off, some will become your friends, but all of them offer a sort of "classroom" for you in which you will learn very vaulable lessons about life. You will become wise before your years if you pay attention to and learn from the people you meet. Good luck!
  • Don't feel bad, I hate my job too, and I work at Wal-Mart. I couldn't say to be honest how to make it better, but I do look forward to my pay check. =]
  • It's good for you to have a job. Extra money helps. Better than stay at home doing nothing. Think of it as temporary until you finish school and able to find a better job.
  • Don't feel bad to work at McDonald's. In fact you're working in an organisation that has rose up to this level by sheer hardwork and perseverance. So be proud to be an employee there. So that's the first thing- take pride in your job. Second- enjoy McDonald's! Yeah, enjoy eating a pizza that you make or a burger. Or if you don't like such stuff other than your regular balanced diet, atleast take time to taste your own product atleast once a week or so. Third-take happiness from people who enjoy your service. They're happy because you serve them with love and taste to their appetite. All the best in your work :)
  • Nobody's going to criticize you for getting a job at McDonald's when you're young. Plenty of very successful adults had jobs like that. The key to enjoying tedious tasks is to learn to have a "fresh mind" at each moment. When you flip the fries, SEE the fries newly... they are THESE exact fries, sitting in oil (ugh!) that looks exactly like this oil. Do your best at each moment, constantly refine the way you do each thing. Notice details. If somebody spilled something on the floor, clean it up without being asked. If you work the counter, look very carefully at each customer -- notice how each person is unique. Every moment counts in life. The dull-witted resistance with which so many people do their jobs contributes much more to their suffering than most of the life problems they complain about. You can be one of them, or you can "self generate" a way of working and living that brings an intensity of focus and care to each thing, and experience what it's like to be really alive.
  • I worked at McDonald's too! A long time ago. The best thing to do to keep it interesting is try and learn as many positions as you can. It can lead to a promotion (they have a high turnover rate) or give you skills to find something better.
  • I worked in a factory trussing chickens once.It was cold repetitive and noisy.McDs is definitely a cut above that
  • I personally think you should try to scream and jump up and down every time someone orders a burger. If it's a chicken sandwich though, crying makes it hilarious! there's so many different things you can do at mcdonads. you could stomp the ketchup packets for example.. it's even better when it squirts into someone's eyes. idk when I worked at Mcdonalds way back in '60 we used to play this game where whenever someone wanted fries and drink with their order you'd have to meow. great fun. great times. ):
  • Hi, firstly ignore people hwo judge you. You have a job, and as you say a job is hard to find. I recently left McDs from being Shift Manager. It was my first job. When I was a crew member like you I made the best group of friends at McDs. They were uni students and college students. Try socialising with your fellow crew out of work, or in work when appropriate of course! Its mostly the people who make the work place. Hope this helps
  • I'd never criticise your job mate. Hold your head up. You are not a bum. Maybe think of something you want to do in the future, and study part-time.
  • If you do the job very well and are nice you will start getting tips to supplement the salary. That is quite enjoyable.
  • Pretend for a minute that you are going to become a billionaire, and you will own a fast food franchise operation that will be so successful that it will put McDonald's out of business. If you were going to do this, you would need to do some research first, and first hand experience with your number 1 competitor is the best place to start. FYI, Sam Walton became the world's richest man (before he died and left his estate to his kids) by creating and running WalMart. And he didn't sit in some fancy office, he visited WalMarts continuously one after another, and worked alongside workers unloading trucks, sweeping floors, and anything else that needed to be done. Not just to get the job done, but to see how the job could be improved, what the workers are thinking, finding problems and fixing them, etc.
  • Look forward to pay day and keep remembering this is only for a little while
  • Even the jobs I dislike the most were made bearable by the relationships/friendships I've had with other employees. Fortunately I have a great job now but the other employees and I have a riot of a good time on a daily basis.
  • Take your own lunch. Not really relevant to enjoying the job, but eventually you'll hate the food, and bringing your own lunch once in a while will delay it. Try to get the fastest job you can. I always liked the back drive through booth. Right brain takes the orders, left brain counts the change, time goes very quickly because you never have time to think. (Also, if you can take person A's money while you listen to person B's order, sometimes person A will be impressed and actually tell you this.) And then when there's no orders, you're stacking happy meal bags, assembling burritos, packaging salad dressing.... as opposed to front counter, where you just have to STAND THERE. The only trouble with back drive is dishes. You won't get out of it 100% of the time, but if you look busy, people are less likely to say "hey, why aren't you working on dishes?"

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