• It's what people used to call FUNNY!!! Clinton had all kinds of stuff made after him and Bush had downright mean stuff done to him in products. Companies are pulling it because they are scared of being perceived as selling bigoted products. It's ridiculous.
  • can you link me so I know what you mean?
  • What's wrong with Afros - I think that they're cool. Ditto for Corn Rows! Sometimes I think that we've gotten Politically Correct to the ridiculous.
  • I think it's funny as hell! They need one for Alfalfa, too. Maybe an Amarillis flower? Hahahahaha!!!
  • So glad I ordered 50 already. What's that sound I hear logging in to my eBay account, oh yeah baby... CHA CHING!
  • I seriously think it's the beginning of the voiding of the 1st amendment. That or it's just the Democrats doing what American politicians and their constituency do best: whining about something they don't like.
  • No, it is a product issue. Early buyers noticed that the instructions call for way too much water, causing no growth at all.
  • No, it's just stupid and offensive to an entire group of Americans.
  • OH its funny, damn people need to get a sense of humor back in their lives..Not everything is racist..Hell I want my own head made into a chia pet!! LMAO :)
  • Maybe they thought that they were over-merchendising him. Maybe they were also feeling very sensitive.
  • I don't like Obama at all, but I think an Afro Chia Pet is F***ing awesome!
  • Anyone offended by those really needs a reality check. There are real issues and real problems to be concerned with. Satirical political objects go back to the early 1800's. Why should Obama be off limits to what every other president has been subject to? Is there a double standard? The fact that he would be treated any differently than any other president because of his race is racist in itself, even if it is a positive treatment.
  • If Michelle can grow them in the White House garden then I don't see why they are pulling them from the shelves..............
  • I wish that I had know before they pulled them. I would have bought three or four. If it's still around watch for them on Antiques Roadshow in about 20 years.
  • Jesus, it's not like the Obama Chia pet looks like a white dude in blackface wearing a big green wig. I'm puttung mine at my desk.
  • They have been selling the Chia Head for about 30 years and at one time sold a Mr T Chia Head, why is this an issue now?,&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi
  • Everyone else is capitalizing on the Obama merchandise craze, why can't Chia Pet get in on some of the action as well? By the way, I will be permanently boycotting Walgreens for making such a stupid decision, it was management, not customers who were complaining. Liberal News Source (Incomplete as usual) Near Middle of the Road News Source (complete, well balanced, factual)
  • it's total bulls**t, they are only pulling it because they are associating it to racism. they already have a chia pet that grows with an afro anyway.

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