• no. it is a personal decision. Anyone saying different is claiming to know the will of God. Screw them!
  • No, after reading the question, answer and comment threads on this site on religion it's enough to put anyone off. Furthermore, if you look at one or two of the profiles of the most "religious" ones it is interesting to see how low their percentages are. The majority of ABers are 90% and above, some of those are as low as 74% which shows that they are the downraters on AB. Love thy enemy!!
  • No, it isn't wrong. There is something special about having a group of people who share your beliefs though...
  • No. Start your own religion. Write your own book. Don't pay tax.
  • If it's wrong, than I am wrong too. I believe in God, but do not go to church and distance myself from ORGANIZED religion. I've always felt this way since I was young, and had been heated battles with my father over my views towards God and religion.
  • its what i do and im just fine
  • I am the same way. No one can tell people that my relationship with God isn't valid or good enough because they don't practice a religion. You are not wrong. Religion turns me away some are too extreme in my opinion.
  • I say you could not be more right. We all have a mind that works at different levels, so our understanding is going to be somewhat different from others. You can show me any organized religion and I can show you good and bad people. I always believed God judges us by our own merit not what we do as a group. I personally go one step further and do not belong to any organized group because that too in my eyes is wrong. Atheist, skeptics or any other group that organize together to believe one certain way are no better than the organize religions they bash.
  • It depends on what religion you're talking about. But it doesn't matter if it's against religion principles or not. It's about whether it's against bible principles or not. And by the way, yes, it's against bible principles. I've noticed that there's a religion that makes the bible very interesting, so much that they become all into it. They come knocking into my door, I think they're the Jehovah Witnesses. They seem to love what they do. Remember, the religion is the map to the bridge(Jesus) of life.
  • Of course not. And you are not alone. :)
  • Nope....Id agree with you!
  • No there is no reason whatsoever to go to a so called house of god just because there are lots of other people doing it. They also want you to donate money to god, last I checked he was supposed to be a spirit, what does a spirit need with monetary things like money or the new car the priest is going to buy or the silk robe he wears or the gold jewelry they buy. I'm still finding my way so I'm not sure what I actually believe in. My wife and kids and I just have a general belief in doing right by each other and other people. If someone wants help and deserves help we will give it to them if possible. That is what the whole Idea behind the bible and god beliefs is, help others. Not force something you believe to be right down their throat. The last place I worked had a woman that went door to door pushing her beliefs about how you need to find god because the rapture is coming, so I said to her, I don't need anyone coming to my door to warn me. She said she does it to spread the word to people she cares about which just happens to be everyone. She then asked me if I knew our local damn was going to burst and flood the valley would I not tell everyone or at least everyone I knew and cared about. I said yes but not until I knew it was going to brake, not just saying it's going to brake someday, maybe tomorrow maybe in 500 years. They don't know when the rapture is coming, they have been preaching about it as long as I have been alive. So no you don't have to believe what everyone else does or even in the same way. Sorry if I got long winded it just really pisses me off when someone tries to push what they think or believe on me or someone else just because they think they are right.
  • Your rellationship is between you and God, it is not necessary, to belong to organizred religion. Everyone has their own perception of what the bible means, I believe God will help you to understand the bible as he wanted, without the interference of others beliefs.
  • No not at all, in fact what your sensing is the underlying truth about organized religion, there telling you what you want to hear and taking your money, its another form of deception; trust them never! no religion has ever rationalized out, id trust in a tooth fairy first, at least they pay you.
  • No, i dont believe so. Thats the way that I am. Bibles, churches, and even religions are man made. Anything man does will not be perfect. There are many things in all the religions that I disagree with. These are ideas formed by man to serve man's purpose and not necessarily to serve God. The hypocrisy found in religion is what turns most people away and therefore robs them of having a personal relationship with The Almighty. So many atheists are really just anti-religion, like i was. Until I realized I didn't have to devote myself to a religion in order to worship God. We are not meant to worship anything besides God himself. Too many religious people make the mistake of worshipping thier religion instead of worshipping the God OF their religion. We are not asked to believe in or worship the Bible, only The One that the Bible reveals. But having said that, I do believe it is important to educate yourself on religious teachings to get a full understanding of what God expects from you.
  • I don't see that as being wrong in anyway. I will say there is good and bad about religions but, God is always good.
  • It's just a personal decision. Who am I to judge you? Wrongness is all subjective.
  • Your belief in God is normal because God placed that awareness in everyone. Your isolation from organized religion is also normal, because each of us feels the need to protect our individuality and sense of personal value. Avoiding religious books is a way to avoid changing your mind and values on your above positions. All of this is man's nature. I agree that the problem with organized religion is the personal agenda of some members of the congregation and too often the minister. I disapprove of the tendency to measure a successful congregation by the size of it's worship building. I cannot speak for non-Christians, but the only agenda Christians should have is to share the good news of God's saving grace. If this message is taken to heart then people tend to assemble to support each other and worship in an organized manner, preferably in a simple structure.
  • I'd say yes. To believe in God means to believe in the path of religion he has given for us. And I'd say it goes together in that case, to believe in both.
  • 7-24-2017 What exactly do you think "believe" means? Some people think it means "pretend to agree", some think it means "suck it up", some don't even think. Then you need to decide which god. There are many. Bottom line: If you don't know what you are talking about, it's a sure bet that the people who taught you those things didn't either. You need to forget it all and start from the beginning. When you hear the true gospel, you will know it.
  • That's rather insular of you. It's like saying you want to be "American" but distance yourself from the language, culture and laws.
  • "Religion" is really a group of people with the same ' agenda"...that agenda being right or wrong. IF you believe in a creating God, then it is up to us to find out HIS wishes...not guess. So who is the strongest and only God? How would HE communicate? oH ! WE HAVE THE BIBLE. With its warning to NOT change it. *** Bible Citations *** (Revelation 22:18, 19)
  • Actually you can stay away from organized Religion, but without a religious book, you will not be able to validate your theistic views. You will get asked these questions in general: What is the name of your deity? How do you get to know him? What does he demand? Is there a certain book to learn about him? Without "reference," it is nothing more than a hallucination.
  • It is not wrong in any sense to believe in the Lord God. It is also good to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as well. I do also distance myself from Organised religion because of the falsehoods taught in churches that are man's laws and not the Lord God's. Cursory reading of such books as the Bible is good but unless one studies in the proper way many things can be misunderstood. People tend to put the things they read into 21st century understanding of a culture and usage of words is often far different from ours. Reading such books as The Royal Law of Liberty: Living in Freedom under Christ's Law of Love" by Darwin Chandler will help everyone better understand the Lord God, Jesus Christ, and their love for us.
  • heck no........I was raised 'catholic' and left soon as I left home at 19...I DESPISE organized religion; hated going to not an Atheist but I DO admire their thinking and debunking of 'dogma'.......they come up with some very thought-provoking ideas......So I believe in God, etc., just not what mankind has done to religion!!! Only one God, so how come so many religious sects? and SUNDAY IS NOT THE sabbath, it's SATURDAY. and Jesus was NOT crucified on a Friday, but on a Wed......the bible says '3 days and 3 nights".......friday to sunday morning is not that!! oh I could go on.........I tend to ramble, LOL.....but by NO MEANS should you feel you are wrong in your belief in God and not the nutty 'religions' that are supposed to honor Him!!! enjoy your life free from dogma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D
  • not wrong... good idea..... God is within you as you..... Discover this..... It is all you need
  • Did Jesus try to do it solo..? No !. He was organized...into a group that thought alike Also those who were spoken to and so came to a better understanding of what the Kingdom means... (2 Timothy 3:14) You, however, continue in the things that you learned and were persuaded to believe, knowing from whom you learned them

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