• Open the front door and exit. do not look back. look forward and forget this person. She has sugar plums on her mind and they are not you. she and her ex are still in love and you will never be able to penetrate that bond.
  • Alright im a little opposite of the opinion from the guy above. I do think that she has him on her mind, or she wouldn't want to see him. But from a girls perspective, there is a chance that maybe they simply just wanted to hang out. I know you are sketchy about there whereabouts, and ya they are ex's and thats a little suspicious i think. But you are in a relationship with her, meaning you hopefully trust her. But you are questioning her, which means you don't totally trust her. I understand of course, because it looks really bad on her part, especially how she didn't tell you. To be honest i don't think its that weird shes hanging out with her ex, but the fact of that she didn't tell you is what makes it a little more like a cover up for something she did. I'm sure you've approached her on it, and if you haven't see how she reacts the moment you ask her. Are her eyes looking directly into yours or are they sort of wandering about. Usually someones body language is a pretty good hint about what there up to. If you do seriously want it to work out my suggestion is not to let her go, because you are suspicious. You don't know an answer, therefore you are jumping to a conclusion...My advice for you is talk to her, communicate, see her body language, is she distant from you? It's a tough deicison. Everyone can give you advice but at the end of the day you're the one who knows the whole story...good luck!
  • I'd be questioning her reasons for lying. Is she lying to cover up something that happened? Is she lying to cover for his feelings for her. People hang out with their ex's for different reasons. To feel wanted to know they're with someone who once had feelings for them (sometimes that spark never quite goes away) - to feel better about things when they're feeling unvalued, unloved etc. Also, she may simply be friends with her ex and is only being shady as a reaction to your suspicions. No, lying isn't good. But if you're emotionally controlling then that could lead her to feel that she has no choice to lie. If that's the case she shouldn't be with you. Control is a form of abuse. You can provide an answer to your own question and create more space that way. When you say she's always been shady about him, in what way? Do you check her phone to see how often she's calling him or texting him and vice versa? Have you tried inviting him over to hang out and observing how the two behave? If there's something going on, they won't be able to hide it forever. Also if you invite him over and he's single, invite a single female you know (I'm sure you can find one to join the three of you). That way he will realise and take the hint. The other thing is that when you invite him to hang out, be friendly to the point where he coud consider you amongst his friends. It's sometimes harder to cheat with your friend's partner. Good luck and honestly, if you don't trust your girlfriend, maybe you shouldn't be with her either.
  • 6 billion + people in the world, and the only person your girlfriend can find to hang out with is you ex. No matter how much she says it's just friendship, trust me, that's never the case. Even if she does actually believe herself when she says that, there's no doubt that the guy just wants back in her pants. I've seen this way to many times. My advice: Tap that sh*t one last time, and get the hell out.

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