• Yep. you did. And you know it!!
  • Well, that's interpretive, since in a Biblical sense, you were already committing adultery. Is cheating on a shack up lover the same as cheating on a spouse? But than there's the stupidity of putting yourself into a situation whereby you could have been accused of rape of your spuse.
  • Not unless the two of you had agreed upon a 1 on 1 relationship. If you did then you cheated. If you did not then you were each free to date/bang whomever you wanted.
  • Until the divorce papers are signed by the judge you are still legally married to your wife. Therefore by modern interpenetration of the word, "adultery" you are committing adultery on your wife with this other woman.
  • i dont think so but its not a good idea to date someone else if youre married

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