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  • Unless the person doesn't give a shit about you, it will be hard to not depress that person without being at least a little dishonest. However, if you just joke about the situation as if it doesn't bother you that much, you can not be depressing and not be too much of a liar.
  • well im a guy, and i just do what all guys do when they wanna keep something to themselves, '' ah you know just the usual shit, but whats been going on with you ...'' etc etc
  • Just don't tell them everything. Say "it's going" or "the usual" or something along those lines.
  • I'm at odds as to what to do in this situation. My knee-jerk reaction is to say 'oh, I'm alright'. But then again, sometimes the situation I'm in really is that terrible, and I feel like boring someone with my inane ranting, so I let them have it.
  • Well, although I am going through a divorce, failed business, and medical problems...I just tell them I am "moving forward" Enough said...
  • redirect: talk about whats coming up for you and what you are going to be doing! in other words, the bright side.
  • Oh , same ole thing , different day .... so, how are YOU doing ... ?
  • I just say "It's going",,,,,,,,,,,
  • Sarcastically say "living the dream".
  • When that happens I just say something like "just living and doing the best I can. How about yourself?" I do not want to bring anyone else down if I am going through something and usually the downers do not last as long as the uppers so why bring someone else down.
  • been better thanks. if u need to unload its nice to add do you have a few minutes? theres been a lot going on and itd be great to get some of it off my chest. so if they need they can get out. then you find the next deer in the headlights to spill on.
  • Why not tell a lie (if it's not someone you want to confide in)? Say your 3rd novel is at the printer and your publisher says it should do even better than the first two. Say you have only one more paper to write before you finish your double major in brain surgery and rocket science--and you've already been hired by NASA to do elective brain surgery in space. Say you're embarrassed that you had to turn down the president's cabinet appointment b/c you've just been confirmed as the CEO of a major corporation in the same line of business, and it would have been a conflict of interest. Or just make up some good ones of your own. :)
  • "My life hasn't been the greatest lately and I don't want to talk about it. Let's talk about something else."
  • I say, "about 145" and let it go.
  • I tell them everything negative I could think of and then say I hope you don't ask me that again right....they usually say yes.
  • If it is that uncomfortable, you probably shouldn't even be talking about it. I see no need to tell lies either, you could just keep it short and simple. They don't really need to know everything, do they?
  • Tell em whats going on....but that your staying positive...and have a good outlook on what is yet to the same time.

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