• Every day since I was a kid..I'm 50 now and still single after being in a relationship for 22 years. ;)
  • No. I haven't fell yet.:)
  • Yes. Until it hits you like a ton of bricks. You have no control over it. I have only really ever loved twice and just recently after dating a guy for three months told him I love him. I truly do we broke up a couple days ago and although the hurt gets easier every time, it still HURTS. Awww....well.
  • Sometimes, but I will when I'm suppose too.
  • I just don't fall in love. It's easy 'cause it's mutual.
  • The last time I was single I had gone through one divorce, a failed reunion with my ex-wife, and I had been dumped by a woman that I was falling in love with. My pain gave my that much more determination to find a lasting love and I've been with my wife for 15 years now. We've been married for 7 of those years. :) No, I don't think that I ever wished to never fall in love again.
  • No. Even after my deepest agony, I never said, "never again". I found another one who actually thought I was pretty great. (?!) Yep, it is true,...believe it or not. (lol)
  • I am single but i dont think i will ever stop loving her.
  • Sometimes yes,sometimes no.
  • Yes I did but only with the one I was meant to be with. Over the years I told people, I'll know him when I see him. Of course I sure got a lot of flack with that statement. Many many times I was told I was not giving anyone a chance, it just doesn't happen that way and all the blah blah blah I listened to from well meaning friends. When I did meet him, that's exactly the way it happened, I knew him and I knew he was the one.
  • I've fallen in love twice in my life. It sure is grand. But I do save more money being single, less anxiety, I get more sleep, etc. But I do miss being in love.
  • from my experiences. Falling in love is similar to that saying, 'what goes up, must come down', and when it does, it hits you like a tonne of bricks. its just not worth it.
  • yes but when i think about the bad stuff that it brought to me, but love also had it good side as well as good moments like everything in life, it just depends what u do with it and how u handle it.
  • Having too much fun dating a lot of guys so no not right now.
  • when my ex and I broke up I wanted nothing resembling love. I wanted to kill all that was love. However soon after my ex and I broke up I met someone wonderful who showed me love again and love that is realer than ever before. Never give up on love, you never know what you'll miss.
  • Even though I'm a man, I'll compare it to giving birth. Most women, while in labor, swear they will never have another child. But once they have the child, and receive the joy from it, and feel the love and all the blessings of a child, barring financial and other such reasons, another child is a viable possibility:) The deeper the love that is lost, the deeper the depths of the pain and hurt that are left in its wake. But I have personally found that from that hurt comes a greater ability to love. The deeper the suffering I have felt, the more it has enlarged the boundries of my heart and my soul. As I hurt deeper, I find my ability to feel equally as deep on the oppostite end of the spectrum to be equally increased. So much so that I cannot wait to fall in love again, and be able to love that much more the next woman who enters my life in that way. For those who have given up, don't. As a friend said, its like the movie cast away where one day, after years, the one thing he needs to get off the island washes up on the shore. You just never know what will wash up on shore tomorrow......unless you quit walking down to the beach:)
  • I have been married 3 times and divorced by them 3 times...I am not going to say the word "never" but at my age 70+ I hope I don't get crazy enough to think I am in "loooovve" again. I do love many of my friends, but as friends and that is it! I am perfectly happy the way I am...single and staying that way!

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