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  • go to and download it
  • Microsoft Windows is plagued with adware - as well as all the other things you mention. To help remove and protect against these nasties you'll need anti-virus/adware/spyware etc. Take a look over here to see how they compare: There are free versions of many of these, but note that the free version may not have all the features of the full version. Also remember that while a removal tool specific to 'Spyware Protect 2009' may look good, it won't stop Windows getting infected again (and again) by something else. You need protection (against virus infections, spyware, trojans and adware) running all the time. You may also like to consider upgrading away from Microsoft Windows to a platform that isn't as heavily infected, such as Linux for example.
  • Malwarebytes (free) works for me Brian. I also use Avast free and adaware free, but Malwarebytes seems to be the best for cleaning those that sneak through. :o)
  • I would dump any Microsoft product, download and burn to CD for installation any free version of the Linux operating system because virus's don't really effect it much at all because they need user passwords to spread and Linux is protect with root.. Linux is fantastic and very easy to use..much easier than windows plus it's completely free. There are options to pay, but those are only options.
  • You MIGHT be able to find it if it has installed by going to Control panel / add and remove programs. Sort the list by time added and the most recent programs are suspect if you do not recognise them. Sometimes these programs get loaded along with another program that you downloaded, think back what you did recently.
  • Once you get rid of the pest, here's how to avoid getting it back. Microsoft opened the security door of their Operating System wide and threw away the key when they provided their Active-X controls to "simplify" computer software installation and updates for dummies. Next time you see a pop-up like that, don't click ANYTHING with the mouse. Even the close window control is likely not a close window control at all. The entire ad is usually one big graphic forming a single Install button. Instead, give the three fingered salute, Ctrl + Alt + Del. That will bring up the task manager. Using the task manager, close all open windows of the browser. Then start your browser again and DO NOT restore session or ever return to the malware launching website.
  • Insert free version od SuperAntispyware software and Malwarebytes (also free). Run them both. They will take care of the malware and spyware.

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